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    Raymond Blank

    Thamks to Mr. Scott I am in !!
    Can’t wait to see my buddies and play some golf. Hadn’t played much at all but I now I will play the 26,27,28,29 when I get there.
    Maybe by the time the tournament starts I will have some kind of game so I don’t look dumb on the course. LOL🏌️🏌️🤷

    Bill Majercin

    Any idea what flight I might be in?
    60-69 20 handicap

    Ricky Herman

    Tough to know with only 36 in flight and what the handicaps are.

    David Baker

    Well, now we know that the WA has enough on it’s plate to assist in running the skin game. Can’t blame them for that. There is no benefit for the pro shop to assist as there is nothing in it for them and they have a lot on their plate. I have run a skin game in my flights for over 20 years and this year presents some logistic issues that will require,in my opinion, more than one person. I have in the past found assistance from other golfers, who like me, enjoy having a skin game. Does add to the excitement. I would like to run the skin game again this year if I can get some help and gofers help out by paying the entire week up front. I want to have just one game due to the limited number of golfers at each venue, and to get a healthy pot. Once flights are announced I can let everyone know that they can pay in Pay Pal, Cash App or Venmo as a convenience. I am playing at World Tour Sunday and Pine Lakes on Sat. My plan should it come together is to pay all skins the day after, prior to tee or after. I will stick around until after every one has come in. That will require that you submit a score card signed by you and another member of your 4 some, no exceptions. This past March we had a skin paid, his friend did not turn in his birdie on the same hole, which is stealing. But I know who they are. More to come and if anyone has any suggestions or ideas please let me know as I look forward to seeing old friends and making new one.

    Raymond Blank

    Mr. Dave
    I will help if we’re in the same flight. Don’t know what to do but willing to learn

    Jason Moore

    Skins For Gross Division?

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)
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