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    Michael Linthicum

    Just wondering how the tee times are working out? Could/should tee times be implemented in the future? Hope everyone is playing well and having a blast!

    Matthew MacKinney

    The tee times have been fantastic for our flight. (#3) The groups I have been in have all played in less than 4:20. It’s also great playing in 3 somes with individual carts. I hope this continues in the future.

    Bob Newman

    Tee times are the best thing to happen in a long time. I certainly hope that this is the future for the WA. It’s not crowded on the range or putting green. You arrive as required for your warmups and know you are not rushed.

    Chris Sterner

    Tee times have been wonderful. I know it makes it harder on the skins guy to run the show, but with some help/cooperation from other players, it can work fine. Would love for the World Am to keep this as a long term change.

    Scott Springer

    Next year go back to 48 per flight max, start tee times at 730 am and go till 10 am with 10 min gap. All my rounds this year have been under 4 hours.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Actually 3somes in single rider carts makes it quick and nice. Not a big fan of tee times.

    Tom Musial

    Tee times are great. I never had to wait to hit balls on the range. The practice putting green had more holes than players. Very nice. Starting a bit earlier would be nice. It has been getting very hot on the back nine. There is dew on the first couple holes though. Even if we go back to 4 players per hole I would prefer tee times. I think the club bar and lunch counter is getting more business with less stress on the waitstaff than if everyone finished at once.

    Al Beard

    I have nothing to compare too, (first year), but threesomes and Tee times seemed to make things go very smooth. For a person running skins….not so much. All of our rounds were pretty quick.

    Aaron Ellis

    Tee Times – Awesome
    3 Person Single Carts – Even More Awesome
    4 Hour Rounds Max – Best World Am Ever minus some of the dog tracks!!!

    I say stick with the 36 person flight or whatever works, and then just have more flights with tighter handicaps, then make all those flights scratch once your flighted, that way a guy doesn’t end up with 1-4 more strokes more than the low and end up winning due to the extra strokes!

    But please check out the courses pre AM, I’ve never had a real complaint over courses, but the Cats Courses should of never been used, plenty of other nice courses to utilize, like Myrtlewood Palmetto and a few others!!!

    Mark Hancock

    Tee Times worked great in Flight 19. Like everyone above, our rounds were played in around 4:20 to 4:30. That is so significantly better than 6:00 hour rounds. Warming up on the range was like a real golf tournament and the ranges weren’t packed.

    I would stick with 36 per flight and threesomes in order to allow for quick play and get the daily skins completed. I don’t believe you could have 48 players per flight and have two flights play on the same course with front and back nine tee times.

    I spoke with most of the Head Pros and they really liked the tee times as it made their life easier and it allowed the courses to open back up earlier to the public and enhance revenue.

    This should be the format going forward.

    William Worgull

    I agree with Mark. Every day our threesomes played very quickly. The tournament should proceed with smaller groups & more flights, with threesomes!


    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Seems like tee times were a huge hit. We had kind of a perfect storm with pace this year. Threes, single rider and tee times made for the ultimate trio. Glad to see some good can come out of a bad situation.

    Ricky Herman

    Yes tee times were good for the amount of players that sign up this year. We should get back to higher number next year due to travel restriction will be lifted and we can get our friends from Canada and across the pond back. We will be back to 2 carts to a foursome and flight numbers will be back to 48.

    Tommy Briggs

    I have shared this with the WA staff already but I will say again it was such a pleasure to get to the course and not having to fight for a spot on the range of putting green.

    I vote twice for fee times and I will volunteer to take the last time of the day if it helps inside fee times become the norm.

    Glenn Foster

    Personally; I Loved Them!! Less crowded/waiting on the ranges & putting greens. Providing range balls for free should have always been the option for this tournament:ALWAYS!
    Individual carts was another time saver for our rounds. Go help hunt if necessary and if not, go straight to your ball, get mileage to the hole and access the situation & hit! Had my 1st under 4 1/2 hr. round ever in 23 years Twice!!
    Keep the tee times, keep the individual carts & free range balls always World AM; PLEASE!!!! 🙂 🙂

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