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    Bob Newman

    I for one am glad they went back to tee times. During the COVID years I got a feeling from some of them that they preferred Tee times. When I first read that I wondered if the pressure was coming down from the courses. Also keep in mind that some of the big groups of courses that have the Premium Courses are able to get their lesser courses in the rotation: ie putting up with the “Cats” for several years. At some point, some of these courses should not be allowed to host when clearly they are not in decent shape. I don’t like the increased price but I don’t mind paying it if I get quality courses. I don’t think it’s a “deal “ as someone said. I was at the CC last year and other than Demo Alley was not real happy with the vendors for golf. I use to drop about $200 / year there but only bought 2 glove’s this past year. Note, the Hirlz 22$ was a piece of ——-. Lasted 1 round. I plan on dropping it at his table if he comes this year. The $33 was a great one. I’m wondering why the early bird special ends earlier…?… this year. What will be the price after that?..

    John Tantillo

    I for one love going back to tee times, and from the survey after the covid year I though the majority was in favor of tee times rather than shotgun. It’s alot more organized start, we all the play the course in the same order, and most importantly the driving range is not crowded–not to mention the bathrooms (haha). I do however recognize the downsides for the skins coordinators, car poolers, and those looking for camaraderie.

    Ken Delaney

    I mentioned in another post that the early bird price was until March 21st but that was a mistake (my fault). That is when the eligibility for “early bird drawing” ends (must be registered no later than 3/21). I believe the $629 price will be good until sometime in May or June (usually is anyway).

    Scott, thank you for the response to the tee time questioning. I can certainly see the points you make in regards to the course needs etc. It hasn’t changed my mind though in terms of what I think but at least the argument was made (nothing wrong with good debate). Biggest one for me was the carpooling and the possibility of being 2 hours difference (7:45 – 9:30) between you and your roommate/carpooling partner. It happened multiple days for my group in 2021.

    Oh well.

    Mark Hancock

    Obviously I am in the minority, but I loved the tee times during the two or three years that we did them. Pace of play greatly improved with the tee times as the average round went from 5 to 6 hours to 4 1/2 hours. When you put 104 (26 foursomes) players on a course at one time, you have 8 “B” teams and the course is immediately stagnant. The general procedure of play with the shotgun, was hit a shot, go to your ball and wait at least 10 minutes. Tee times also made the practice and golf range situation much better and I didn’t feel guilty for wanting to work on my game before the round.

    It is also much better for the golf courses as they can start public play when the last tournament group gets to #2 or #3, so they can start making money earlier. In a shotgun start, the course is just completely shut down for 6 hours.

    The only downside to the tee times is what it does to the skins game.


    We will be announcing something about the carpooling aspect soon. Stay tuned.


    What would the first tee time be?

    Andreas Mealey

    I just have to ask. What are you working on at the range that couldn’t have been done the 300 days before the WAM just asking. Maybe that’s why I suck but I’m usually running a skins game and don’ get to practice
    much oh and I like shotgun starts. I usually come the week before and trust me there ain’t no problem getting out on these courses the public ain’t bitching they can’t get out, my 2 cents!!

    Bob Newman

    Ken,thank you for upgrading me on the early bird.
    ALSO- my opening sentence was not as clear as it should have been, one day I will proofread b4 sending. What I was attempting to type was that I thought some of the Golf Courses liked the tee times better. I personally know I like the tee times better.

    Billy Burwick

    To Scott T,

    Thank you for coming in and explaining why the changes were made.
    I like the option to request tee times near a friend.

    Daniel Rousseau

    agree with out being paired it takes out the feel of tournament golf ,worst tee time feel like i book as a single on any $50.00 course and play with 3 other guy just a normal day for me ,also long day for skins guy ,price we do get a lot for are money for my self i don’t drink or go eat at the 19 hole every night and being Canadian it’s more like 850.00 but that’s not there problem been going for 12 year but this year does not look good

    Mike Sigmon

    I don’t have a problem with doing tee times it does for sure free up the Range so that you can go hit some balls without 3 or 4 people standing behind you who also wants to hit a few before they tee off. Plus it does give you a bit more room on the putting green to hit a few putts without 60 people all over the place on the green.
    But I too agree with several of the guys above on the last day you should be paired up by scores don’t care what anyone say if you have a chance to win your flight and the leader hits one OB or hits a drive in the water you will look at playing that hold a bit different that just grip it and rip it…

    And on another note it does cause some problems on the people running the skin games and hey I love playing the skins game but I will get there early on the first day just to be sure I get into the game a will pay for all 4 days right then and be done with it..Heck that pot pays better than what you win if you win your flight in a lot of cases…

    Glenn Foster

    Hello all players. I’m personally a fan of the tee times, since 1st implemented during C-19 protocols! I know the ride share thing is an issue, but anyone can request to play in same flight together to eliminate that problem? I’m not sure if that effects handicap ranges a lot because of number of contestants in a flight. I don’t know how people get so mad because of skins either, because there’s issues every year from something/somebody, somewhere. So, this isn’t going to go over very well, since they aren’t run or sanctioned by the committee, they could be eliminated to stop the need for this complaint to exist. It’s become a big thing for some players to ” pay for the trip if I win some skins.” I’ve done them, don’t get me wrong, but these aren’t necessary to run/play this event.
    I’ve had the earliest & latest tee times those weeks and still had 5 hr. rounds and the earlier tee time was 3rd off at Love course that morning, ( we started on 10), and we still waited on 1st tee at the turn for groups to leave #1 ( the other flight on the course) before playing so automatic slow up built in after front/1st nine holes.
    I favor the less crowded range, clubhouse & putting green aspect, as well as getting some more course options that will get us to experience the Tidewater or other additional premium assignments!
    The year we had 3 somes and everyone had their own carts were awesome, during Covid. So much faster and every group played better and relaxed moving faster. We commented on this several days while playing. Straight to your shot, figure out your mileage/shot and wait for area to clear…but those days won’t happen again anytime soon.
    Give this a chance, work with your buddies about playing together by playing up or down in handicap(s), plan an hour to meet up at Convention Center afterwards, get a table and enjoy the time together. Pretend you don’t know the tournament ever worked in another format? You wouldn’t tell yourself ” if it isn’t shotgun start, I’m never gonna try to play it” before your 1st time?
    I’ve played in this 27+ times and let’s look for solutions to the schedule, not be obstinate. This might be something you like if you have a 1 1/2+ hr. drive to Wedgefield Plantation and have to leave before 6:00 am for a shotgun start because of normal traffic, or a 10 min. trip to course with a 9:10 tee time, leave at 8:00 am and sleep late, or have breakfast with the family?

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey Glenn,
    I don’t know what flight you been playing in but I’ve never seen where there has been a problem in the skins game for the flights I’ve been playing in. That’s one of the biggest reason I enjoy coming to play in this thing it surely is not the 5 hour plus rounds and let’s just say you happen to win your flight and get a chance to go play the 5th round for a chance at winning it all only to play really good and get waxed by someone getting 1 to 2 shots on each hole end up shooting -6 for the 18 holes you know when this happens you have no chance at all to win…

    Bob Newman

    I have never been a fan of the skins. I do not like the way they hang around “hawking” it and then taking up time when we should be getting instructions about the competition that day. This is suppose to be a tournament. The WA CATCHES the handicap busters, but how about the people that have inflated handicap to get into a flight just to win some skin money

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey Bob,
    The skins we been playing in during the world AM events has always been Gross skins I’ve never been a fan of a handicap skins game the way they do at the Q School they get one up each year and you get in at the PGA superstore when you register I mean playing a skins game like you say some of these people are getting 18 shots and playing a par 3 hole in a skins game someone hits the green and are laying 0 puts the ball and holds a 20 foot putt for 1 and beets you out for hitting a great shot in and making 2 that really sucks I played in them last year but I’m not sure I’m going to play this year in them I’m hoping someone will be there to get up a gross skins game at the course that morning.

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