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    Rick Kimbrell

    Thanks again to the great staff running the World Am. I know people complain about the early decision to cancel Thursday’s round but you guys are looking out for 3200+ players and their safety. Sure, some could have played later in the day but not all golf courses were open Thursday and try communicating to 3200+ players about different start times. It is easy to complain if you are not charged with logistics of such a large event.
    The WA decision to keep the 19th hole open Wednesday night when lots of other places in MB were closing early or closed completely was a good one. You gave us a place to go and have fun if we wanted to venture out.
    It was great seeing you guys again and once again…thanks for running such a great tournament.

    Mark Hancock

    Great tournament & Great Staff!

    David Bey

    Staff did a great job. It was my 1st of many WA – can’t wait to return next year.

    Bob Newman

    Rick. Sorry I didn’t get to catch up with you, but did you know that I heard my name called out as being nominated for the bulletin board that you received. Took until the next night and I was looking for Scott and he was standing next to the 2 guys I asked. Didn’t recognize him with the beard. Hopefully next year my stamina will be better and I can play.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Bob, sorry did not catch up with you. I hope I am in better shape next year too. I think next year I will play in the just for fun group. At 78, I cannot compete with the early 70s guys playing in whatever flight I will be in. Take care of yourself and hope to see you next year.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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