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    BJ Newbern

    ONLY thing that is bad about the tee times is when youre staying down in south myrtle, and you get a 7am Tee up in N. Myrtle bordering the N. Carolina border lol


    Simple Vote: Tee Times for the first 3 rounds then Shotgun for the last.

    Christine Remines

    Heaven help anyone who gets Barefoot Norman. I had a 6.5 hour round and they said in the clubhouse afterwards “We don’t send rangers/marshals out to speed up play”
    Probably shouldn’t put women with 18-40 handicaps on this course with a buttload of bunkers and forced carries. This coming from a GIRL, who is a 23 handicap, keeping it real. It slows it down, most girls don’t work on their bunker games and freak over forced carries. That being said Scott, I will play Caledonia ALL DAY LONG and take my medicine and my penalty stroke on 18. That course is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Billy Burwick

    I am pretty sure they already said Shotgun Start so I don’t think it matters what anyone thinks or wants at this point. Just saying!!

    I am not expecting quick rounds so I am good with whatever they decide.
    I would say Shotgun first 3 rounds then Tee times day 4.
    But again it’s all good since I will be on vacation and playing golf!

    95 days to go!

    Glenn Foster

    Tee Times: YES!! I loved them.
    They’re never coming back without another catastrophic catalyst. I loved not having to be at a course 1 1/2 hrs. before teeing off just to get 15 min on the range to really get a feel for the day, everybody waiting around the clubhouse to get a drink, milling around the carts, hearing ‘Skins here” every 6.2 minutes…you know the drill.
    I don’t think the tee times were meant as a way to speed up rounds, only to separate the crowds each day.
    I know it was harder for ride sharing, meeting at the Convention Center at the same relative time with friends…but that wasn’t impossible and I had the latest tee time 2x and was still off the course by 2:15-ish. No faster or slower, just had a 3 some both days following hoards of 4 somes so a lot of wait time regardless.
    Love the Tee Times; did I mention that? (lol) 🙂

    Rob Baxley

    I prefer tee times as well, although my opinion is moot at this point.
    3 of us traveled together last year…all played the same courses and had different tee times and it wasn’t an issue. no crowds on the range…no A and B groups on 1 hole. Being in the B group feels like I’m already being pushed. No starting or finishing on the hole furthest from the clubhouse.

    Mike StClair

    SHOTGUN START then everyone plays in the same elements, what difference what hole you start on there are a lot of golf courses with a par 3, 4, or 5 on the # 1 starting hole, 9:00 shotgun start is the way to go

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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