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    Mike Cheeseman

    I believe the app won’t be up until Monday. I could be wrong. I am known to be wrong once or twice a year and so far it’s only once this year.

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    Mike Cheeseman

    Who’s going to know on the other ranges if you are playing there or not.

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    Mike Cheeseman


    Mike Cheeseman

    Who ever is running skins in there flight put it out on the bulletin board with your number and have the people commit that they are in. When tee times come out on Tuesday try to get in touch with someone at the back of the pack to collect. Just a thought.

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    Mike Cheeseman

    52 to a flight. Foursomes so that is 13 tee times. Depends how they spread them out. If they are 7 minutes apart then that is a hour and a half.

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    Mike Cheeseman

    I am not in your flight but here is my 2 cents. If anyone doesn’t get in for the whole week and doesn’t get in the first day then decides to get in the second day because there is a carry over from day one shouldn’t be allowed in if there is a carryover. Very unlikely there will be a carryover but if there is then sorry you can’t get in. It protects all the other guys that got in. Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck.

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    Mike Cheeseman

    Friday at 1:30

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    Mike Cheeseman

    This was posted by Ken Weatherford

    Every year I put this information out so that new players can remember to bring all of the equipment that matters, and cover the things they need to do. So, here you go!

    Myrtle Beach Trip Items
    1. SkyCaddie SX500 GPS (Loaded with WorldAm Myrtle Beach Courses)
    2. SkyCaddie SX500 Carrying Case (Wall/Car Chargers and Accessories)
    3. SkyCaddie Floating Waterproof Carrying Case (keeps SkyCaddie dry on rainy days)
    4. SkyCaddie Screen Guards (if needed)
    5. SkyCaddie Cart Mount (don’t want to lose the $400 SkyCaddie; been there, done that.)
    6. Bushnell V2 Rangefinder and Cart Mount (for the exact distances to the pins)
    7. Golf Ball Marker Tool (to mark putting line on golf ball)
    8. Golf Ball Soft-tip Marking Pens (for marking dots, initials, putting line, etc.)
    9. Dual-Brush Club Cleaner (Plastic and Steel Wire Sides)
    10. BallZee Pocket Golf Ball Cleaner (optional: damp towel)
    11. Golf Gloves (4-6 pair; humidity can soak them in 6-9 holes)
    12. Rain Gloves (2 pair; keep one pair dry for the next day)(with high humidity; you can wear these without changing regular gloves so often.)
    13. Golf Shoes (2 pair; keep one pair dry at all times)
    14. Visors and Hats (2-3)
    15. Rain Suit (Jacket and Pants – GorTex preferred; stays drier)
    16. Golf Umbrella and Club Umbrella (I put my bag umbrella inside my golf bag)
    17. Golf Bag Hard/Soft Case (unlocked for airport security)
    18. Ball Markers (2)
    19. Divot Tools (2)
    20. Spike Removal Tool and Spare Spikes
    21. Tees (I highly recommend low-friction Martini tees because they last forever)
    22. Golf Clubs (the obvious – in the hard/soft case for airline travel) 
    23. Golf Cart Rain Hood (for clubs – most carts have them, but some don’t)
    24. Towels (at least 2 large and 2 small)
    25. Golf Books/Magazines (good airplane and layover reading)
    26. GPS or iPhone (for Myrtle Beach voice-activated driving directions)
    27. Baggies (3 or 4 small and 2-quart size – to keep things dry when raining)
    28. Jewelry
    29. Belts (1-2)
    30. Shirts (at least 2 for each day, unless you wash every few days)
    31. Pants/Dresses (1-2 for dining out at fancy restaurants)
    32. Shorts (4-5 pairs)
    33. Socks (Black, Tan, and White golf socks)
    34. Underwear (Unless you prefer a la natural – lol)
    35. Shoes (2 Pair of Golf Shoes, 1 Dress Pair, 1 Tennis Shoes, and 1 Set of Sandals)
    36. Bathing Suit
    37. Puzzle Books (airplane and layovers)
    38. DVD Player or iPad with Hulu (for the airplane rides and airport layovers)
    39. DVDs (our condo has DVD player)
    40. Earphones (2 sets and Y cable adapter for the DVD player)
    41. Cell Phones, Car Charger, Battery Charger (Always carry a cell phone battery charger or cord.)
    42. Camera/iPhone, Rechargeable Batteries, Charger, and Camera Bag(s)
    43. Pencils and Pens
    44. Toiletries (Cologne, Perfume, Brushes, Tooth Paste, Trimmers, Hair Dryer, Deodorant,
    Creams, etc.) Most places have hair dryers, but when in a hurry, the wife can use the
    45. NSAIDS (Allieve, Ibuprofen, etc.)
    46. Daily Medications
    47. Band Aids, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Bug Repellent and Sunscreen (put them in your
    golf bag)
    48. Alignment Sticks (in golf bag)
    49. Training aids (Orange Whip, Speed Stick, etc. in golf bag)
    50. Flight Scope Mevo or Doppler Device (check your ball speed, launch angle, Smash
    Factor, etc. Okay, I’m a freak! lol)

    Things to do:
    1. Ensure golf bag and case weigh less than 50 pounds.
    2. Have someone pick up your mail while you’re gone.
    3. Have someone water your plants and feed the pets.
    4. Put a note in mailbox to ask mailman to hold your mail until the day after your return.
    5. Tell a trusted neighbor/family member when you are going to be gone, so they will
    watch the house. Give them key to the house.
    6. Fill out your work timesheet for vacation.
    7. Pre-pack some items the weekend before you fly (saves you from the mad rush; think
    Christmas last-minute shopping.)
    8. Pick up or make some trail mix (or your favorite snack) for the airplane trip or hotel
    9. Get Travelers Checks or use credit card. (no need to carry a lot of cash)
    10. Call Credit card company before you leave, so they know you are out of town.
    11. Call in your prescriptions a week before you leave.

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    Mike Cheeseman

    I can get a PCR test at CVS.

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    Mike Cheeseman

    Thanks Ryan

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    Mike Cheeseman

    Kevin can you text me. I live in Canada as well. I have a couple of questions. 226-506-5894.

    in reply to: Handicap Submission Ticker #49645
    Mike Cheeseman

    Awesome keep it going.

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    Mike Cheeseman


    in reply to: True Blue Sunday 8/29 #49589
    Mike Cheeseman

    Ken, True blue is only $69 for a practice round. Mention practice GTS for the discount.

    in reply to: Broadway at the beach Hotel #49588
    Mike Cheeseman

    Ken, I haven’t stayed there but I only stay in Hamptons when I travel (which is a lot) and I haven’t had a bad experience yet.

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