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    Here is the OFFICIAL USGA ruling regarding that particular situation:
    A player unable to find his ball after a brief search drops another ball (Ball B) under Rule 27-1 and plays it. His original ball is then found within five minutes after search for it began. The player lifted Ball B and continued to play with the original ball. Was this correct?
    A.No. When the player put the substituted ball into play at the spot of the previous stroke with the intent to play a ball under Rule 27-1, he proceeded under an applicable Rule. Therefore, Rule 20-6 does not apply, and he must continue with the substituted ball (see Decision 27-1/2). The original ball was lost when Ball B was dropped under Rule 27-1 (see Definition of “Lost Ball”).
    Once the player dropped the second ball, it became the ball in play. He abandoned his first ball. You CANNOT declare a provisional ball that lands in a hazard. Once you play a second ball, it becomes the ball in play.

    in reply to: Rain Checks from 2015 #34729

    Rain check has been claimed.

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    For anyone interested. I have a rain check issued from last year.
    Valid at World Tour Golf Links, and expires September 30, 2016.
    If interested, email me at Send me mail info.
    If I don’t respond, assume it has been claimed.
    Good luck this year to all
    Dave Scharringhausen

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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