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    That was several years ago before they introduced the 9 Max. One round they had the over 60s and over 25 handicaps all playing at river’s edge took this edge took nearly a 7 hour round. Lol. A triple Bogie 8 took a skin on hole 9. my buddy lanyard came back to the condo shaking his head saying they never had any business being on that course

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    I introduced a buddy to the world am a few years ago his 1st hole was at TPC and he couldn’t get over the water hazard ended up taking a 19 on his 1st hole of the week. That ended his enjoyment for the next 4 days. He hasn’t been back since. Enough said.

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    I am gladly paying it. I had previously organized for my son to come over from Australia in 2020 as I had not seen him in nearly 20 years and then covid hit and he was landlocked for several years. That was actually the year that I ended up being the 2020 champion but it was no consolation compared to seeing my boy.
    Well once he will be visiting the USA for the 1st time and I have once again paid for his entry. Unfortunately I am on the injured reserve list and will not be playing golf for at least another 10 weeks until he arrives. Hopefully that will be enough time to Recuperate and we can have a few great rounds and memories together finally after a 22 year period of no contact. Hoping that it will be the best $600 present I have ever given him With the actual conversion rate being $920

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    My handicap verification went through no problems the only thing is that I have doubled and have gone from 5.3 to 10.6 but then again and I’m on the Injured reserve bench. I suppose if I identified myself as a female I could play from the forward markers then I could be adjusted back to my 5.3

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    Don’t know if there is a possibility you could contact management and have your entry transferred to someone else who is intending to go Just a thought

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    To make it more handicap equitable and to actually speed up play wouldn’t it be a better idea just to put the maximum as DOUBLE PAR

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    In my opinion it should be increased to 10 strokes instead of 9. I have several friends who play in the higher divisions who have regularly score 9’s with nights some of them being allocated 3 strokes on some holes. If that particular hole is a par 5 and they make a double digit score then they can record a 9 with their 3 strokes which is a net bogey. While at the same time someone else in the group has a legitimate 9 but only getting 2 strokes and will record a net double bogey. Doesn’t seem right to me

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    Ok, I’m going to put this out early, I will have two spare Guess passes for the 19th hole if my group actually come. So I may be able to help you out Danny. I’ll let you know as soon as the others have confirmed

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    Ok, I’m going to put this out early, I will have two spare Guess passes for the 19th hole if my group actually come. So I may be able to help you out Danny. I’ll let you know as soon as the others have confirmed

    in reply to: Finals course #50622

    Great place to go back to. The first time I got to the finals I had the privilege of playing the Friday round with Rodger (the Rocket) Clemens. What a super super nice guy. Got a signed shirt card and TPC flag . A day to remember

    in reply to: Pregames #50621

    Tim. The normal rule is you can have a partner with you but not a foursome. This prevents collusion for the skins. So if you are traveling down as a group of 4 yoi must split up into 2 X twosomes

    in reply to: Selection Of 2022 Courses #50611

    WTG Wayne. … I registered right at 9am but took me 30 seconds to put in my new player referral discount. That was my down fall.

    LOL. Just like the Indiana State Seniors tournaments. 200 player fields and you have to register for first 9 tournaments at once. Got the first 2 in but at 9:01 I was on the waiting list for the next 2 tournaments. The other 5 were out of town so they dont fill as fast.

    Looking forward to getting my competitive year started

    in reply to: Scott, can you post course survey results? #50601

    Greg Messer. Dont know how you can say Hackler was in poor condition. I played it round 2 and shot an even par 72. You played it 2 days later and shot 83 and we have similar handicaps. Perhaps you just didnt hit as many fairways as me. Dont know if you are aware or not but if your ball misses the fairway, it ends up on the section of the course defined as ROUGH. Its not called Smooth and perfect lie, its called ROUGH. Maybe that is where you can to the conclusion it was in poor condition. Definitely not saying that you fall into this category, but many golfers use the poor condition excuse to justify their poor play. …. Just saying.

    in reply to: Scott-Handicap services #50573

    I have 3 more years of a US handicap. Am I good for this year and do I have to have to renew a blue golf in 2023. Is the grandfather clause only good for one year or can I wait till it’s totally expired. ?????.

    in reply to: Q School Questions #50521

    I have a couple of questions about the side skins event for Q School

    1. How much will the emtry fee be.

    2. If that is collected upon registration is that cash or can it be paid by card

    3. Does the skin pot cover eac individual flight or will it be taken over both flights on the same course for the same day

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