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    Billy Burwick


    I will respectfully disagree with you. She is a golf Influencer plain and simple and she moves the needle. You may not like her but Paige is building quite the brand without degrading herself.
    She’s well spoken and isn’t afraid to say things. I would love to see her up on the stage giving a talk one of the nights. I might actually stop and listen for a change.

    I would honestly rather see Paige at the World AM than the former Pool player and that is no disrespect to that fine lady.

    Kirk Does it bother you that she would probably beat you? is that why u dislike PS????


    in reply to: Tee Times #52512
    Billy Burwick

    To Scott T,

    Thank you for coming in and explaining why the changes were made.
    I like the option to request tee times near a friend.

    in reply to: Thank you WA Staff!!!! #52511
    Billy Burwick

    I want to say Thank you also. I was vocal about my displeasure in the Tee times but this solution might just work.

    in reply to: Tee Times #52494
    Billy Burwick

    Great points but as a newbie (2) this will be 3, The courses I play are less of a concern than the camaraderie and the people I meet. This also makes traveling with a group of people 100x more difficult and most likely more expensive. So While they might be making the golf courses happy they are not making a good portion of the clients happy.

    What time would be easier to prepare a golf course for a shotgun start if 8:30 is too early? 9:30? I would rather move the times back to accommodate the courses than spread everyone out tee time wise.

    Even my friend and I in the same flight are staying together, We could have tee times separated by 3-4 hours.
    Yet the course is an hour away. SOO 1 of us would either sit around for 4 hours or have to play driver and waste their time driving back and forth. So who does this benefit? Certainly not the Players of the WA.

    Sorry just venting. There is no easy solution.

    in reply to: Another Increase #52475
    Billy Burwick

    My first thought was, Is this dude really complaining about a $30 increase year over year? $629 is still a great value for the week.

    Please show me anything of substance that doesn’t cost more than it did last year or the year before?

    Last year the Shirt was definetly an upgrade over the year prior.

    in reply to: Simple question #52403
    Billy Burwick

    I would like to say that I think the WA staff do an amazing job at running the tournament.

    I would also add I am not a big fan of DQ’s I would rather see adjustment made. Either adjust their caps accordingly or move their flight.

    Last thing: On Wed we couldn’t finish our final hole a Par 3 due to flooding, Yet we had to take a 9 for sextuple bogey. If we had been finishing on a Par 5 taking 9 would be somewhat reasonable but on a Par 3 it seems a bit penal?

    in reply to: Simple question #52402
    Billy Burwick

    “So how does a guy with a 31 handicap shot a 93 and a 98 over 4 days?”

    Not for nothing the 31 shooting 93 and Not getting DQed is a joke!
    Must of had the rounds of his life in a tournament no less!!!

    in reply to: World Am App #52232
    Billy Burwick

    Where do I find the app? I deleted it after last year and Now I can’t find it at the google store

    in reply to: App Login Issues #52153
    Billy Burwick

    Last year it didn’t go active till the day the tournament started and even then I could never get my login to work.

    in reply to: Cources #52152
    Billy Burwick

    How are mine?

    Sandpiper Bay Golf & CC
    Founders Club at Pawleys Island
    Arcadian Shores
    Tidewater Golf Club

    Looking forward to seeing Harry and everyone else!!

    in reply to: Handicap question #51955
    Billy Burwick


    I feel your pain, My low is 23 from last sept after the world am and yet I am now 4 strokes higher having not broken 90 all year but will still have to play at the 23. The thought I have sandbagged all year to have a shot at a $600 gift card is laughable. There were times I wanted to quit. Yeah that bad.


    I say all this While Excitedly waiting 10 more days so I can see some of the friends I made last year during year #1.
    If I have to play as a 23 instead of 27 so be it. It really doesn’t matter I am not going to Myrtle with any thoughts I might win my flight I would just like to improve on last years finish and have as much fun as I did last year.

    in reply to: fast pass worth it? #51841
    Billy Burwick

    Hi Andy,

    Yes, I think its worth it.
    last year was my 1st and I did the VIP which I didn’t think was worth the money but it had a fastpass.
    I bought the fast pass this year, It’s worth it for the 1st night alone. Not waiting in a huge line for food or drinks.

    I hope you have a great time.


    in reply to: Is it common to shoot much higher than hdcp at Am? #51833
    Billy Burwick

    The grind of 4 straight days in the heat and humidty is a grind.
    80+ degrees with 80% humidity can feel opressive at times.

    The only thing I know is that I will have fun playing golf and I will get to see the friends I met last year.

    My only real goal is to Not come in last in my flight. Other than that It’s all good.

    in reply to: Is it common to shoot much higher than hdcp at Am? #51828
    Billy Burwick


    Last year was my 1st year. It was my first time in Myrtle Beach and between the heat and humidity and Putting on greens that are very different from home made for a interesting time.

    There’s nothing like grinding over a 2′ putt to save bogey knowing if you miss it your going to have a 3′ coming back for double.

    I had a blast and can’t wait to get back and try to improve my finish from last year.
    No expectations other than having fun!!!

    Hope you have a great time, I’ll see you in 30 days!!

    in reply to: Iphone APP Log in issues #51813
    Billy Burwick

    I will go active the week of the tourney.
    Last year I couldn’t get it to work at all.

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