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  • in reply to: Photo’s from last year? #51728

    Facebook posts from that time frame is your best place to view photos.

    in reply to: Long Bay #51727

    Pawleys is doing a greens, bunker, tree removal and clubhouse reno. They’re not comparable. We will be keeping a close eye on conditions.

    in reply to: Long Bay #51716

    No. They’re scheduled to re-open early to mid-August.

    in reply to: handicap policy chg (on website) #51713

    I did not realize you all could see that. There’s a strong likelihood we have changes to our procedures. Will allow this blog post to be public once it’s confirmed.

    in reply to: Pregames #51709

    You can tell us now – click here:

    in reply to: World am prizes #51700

    The prizes back before 2009 were physical gifts like gloves or something you had no choice in. We switched to gift cards for better value. It’s digital and not immediate because of ties, scoring errors, having digital backups… you get the idea. We can consider alternatives for international if it is possible. However doing something for one person and not another is often problematic regardless of intent/reason.

    We do not advertise a physical gift card unless you mean the image of a gift card which is for a visual. I cannot answer why their website states international shipping if they do not, but we never advertised that.

    The best solution is let us purchase using your card and you provide a credit card for excess to cover the shipping fees you’d incur if they did ship to you.

    in reply to: Older videos #51698

    Kirk – I’ve been searching for that in our archives and coming up empty. We’re going to have a new one for 40th, which will be awesome!

    in reply to: Sunday get together at Broadway #51697


    in reply to: World am prizes #51696

    Mr. Marshall – We state on our website they do NOT ship outside the USA. While it is unfortunate, there is not an alternative directly through the superstore. We have not done prizes on site since I think 2009, and for the majority of years we give a card unable to be used outside the USA.

    The alternatives we suggested are to wait until you return (cards don’t expire), purchase a gift for a friend in the USA, or sell the card on the bulletin board. We will add again, which you already rebutted which is to purchase for you and ask you to cover shipping as any retail site would ask.

    Our customer service replied within minutes to you and always within 24 business hours of every email. Unfortunately your replies months later are patronizing. Please do not mistake service for ability to resolve the issue.

    in reply to: Q School Course Rotation #51619

    Harry – You were informed incorrectly. I guess that is a lesson to not look at our webpages before we make the announcement. For the record we don’t make that guarantee but rest assured you will not have any course you had last year, despite having 66% of the same courses in use.

    in reply to: New yardages for age groups? #51580

    We did there too. Not as noticeable as the other divisions.

    in reply to: New yardages for age groups? #51578

    Yes – we’ve made some changes. Generally reducing yardages on the 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ male divisions.

    in reply to: Blade and Bow Lounge #51552

    Hi Tony- thank you for the feedback. The price was reduced based on player feedback from 2021 and we will again adapt with continued feedback we receive like yours here.

    With a price reduction of course comes some receivables reductions… though we did our best to replace nearly all that value. IE: Reduced massages to 1 per person, but added the fast pass. Removed the random giveaways which only reached 10 people and swapped in for a gift bag which reached everyone.

    The lounge vs. fast pass comes with the private area, short lines, better seating, flight to win prizes, etc. If this was not known we need to do better communicating. I don’t know if you missed it but each night we had a tasting of high end spirits such as Don Julio Primavera and Orphan Barrel 24 year.

    Appreciate the feedback and will continue to improve as best we can!

    in reply to: Disqualification Is a joke #51540

    I’m not here to argue I am here to share facts. It’s frustrating when you take time out of your day to call us out publicly on Facebook for this self proclaimed injustice but you’ve done nothing to help your cause.

    The player is responsible for posting their own scores in a timely and accurate manner.

    By saying don’t give you shots the last day (20 of them!) you are telling me even you don’t believe you should be in that flight.

    yes in 2019 you were 12 under par… When the system was based on course ratings! So you were 1 under your handicap and perfectly within the realm of possibilities.

    I hope you continue to visit the beach with your family.

    in reply to: Disqualification Is a joke #51538

    Dean – I’m sorry you did not have fun. For a moment imagine being in 2nd or 10th place in your flight how much fun they had trying to beat someone not meant for their flight.

    For starters – yes posting a score 3 better than your index WILL reduce your handicap.

    Aside from the score missing there’s another posted from the incorrect, easier tee box. In 2020 you also posted your best score from the wrong, easier tee box. They’re posted in February or later of the following year which is against the ideology of the system and maybe why you don’t post them accurately or at all. Our team is not naïve to this behavior.

    You were 17 shots up on second place after just THREE rounds of golf. Ahead of a gentleman who was playing about as good as someone who could win your flight could. You were up 10 shots GROSS on the gross leader of flight 38 playing the same courses.

    If you return in 2023 which I am not expecting but in case you do you need to post your scores now. I listed them below. This is a pattern, not a one off. This is why we make the decisions we make.

    I never say the system is perfect but this is egregious. I feel confident the 43 players in your flight reading this appreciate us standing up for them.

    2022 89 Barefoot Resort, Love – GREEN
    2022 84 Founders Club at Pawleys Island – GOLD
    2022 85 Diamondback Golf Course – RATTLESNAKE

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