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    Hi Tony- thank you for the feedback. The price was reduced based on player feedback from 2021 and we will again adapt with continued feedback we receive like yours here.

    With a price reduction of course comes some receivables reductions… though we did our best to replace nearly all that value. IE: Reduced massages to 1 per person, but added the fast pass. Removed the random giveaways which only reached 10 people and swapped in for a gift bag which reached everyone.

    The lounge vs. fast pass comes with the private area, short lines, better seating, flight to win prizes, etc. If this was not known we need to do better communicating. I don’t know if you missed it but each night we had a tasting of high end spirits such as Don Julio Primavera and Orphan Barrel 24 year.

    Appreciate the feedback and will continue to improve as best we can!

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    I’m not here to argue I am here to share facts. It’s frustrating when you take time out of your day to call us out publicly on Facebook for this self proclaimed injustice but you’ve done nothing to help your cause.

    The player is responsible for posting their own scores in a timely and accurate manner.

    By saying don’t give you shots the last day (20 of them!) you are telling me even you don’t believe you should be in that flight.

    yes in 2019 you were 12 under par… When the system was based on course ratings! So you were 1 under your handicap and perfectly within the realm of possibilities.

    I hope you continue to visit the beach with your family.

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    Dean – I’m sorry you did not have fun. For a moment imagine being in 2nd or 10th place in your flight how much fun they had trying to beat someone not meant for their flight.

    For starters – yes posting a score 3 better than your index WILL reduce your handicap.

    Aside from the score missing there’s another posted from the incorrect, easier tee box. In 2020 you also posted your best score from the wrong, easier tee box. They’re posted in February or later of the following year which is against the ideology of the system and maybe why you don’t post them accurately or at all. Our team is not naïve to this behavior.

    You were 17 shots up on second place after just THREE rounds of golf. Ahead of a gentleman who was playing about as good as someone who could win your flight could. You were up 10 shots GROSS on the gross leader of flight 38 playing the same courses.

    If you return in 2023 which I am not expecting but in case you do you need to post your scores now. I listed them below. This is a pattern, not a one off. This is why we make the decisions we make.

    I never say the system is perfect but this is egregious. I feel confident the 43 players in your flight reading this appreciate us standing up for them.

    2022 89 Barefoot Resort, Love – GREEN
    2022 84 Founders Club at Pawleys Island – GOLD
    2022 85 Diamondback Golf Course – RATTLESNAKE

    in reply to: Disqualification Is a joke #51526

    All – disqualification is a necessary evil here at the tournament. I hate it. But we stand by these difficult decisions which I will elaborate on what you’ve likely already been told.

    Mark – Ralph’s index went from 9.1 to 6.5 – a ~40% improvement from his index entering the event. I’m not excited to hear we lose a participant for this decision. But it was not a computer, it was human common sense in protecting the field.

    Dean – You were playing off our WA index which is just 2 scores we know about. Your own GHIN showed higher than that with a larger sample size. You had net differentials of -3 and -6.1. Your index when you post those scores will go from 18.9 to 17.2. I’m surprised it won’t drop more but it will be a somewhat more accurate reflection of your playing ability. Also your best WA score from 2021 is not posted to your GHIN. Another reason your index is not an accurate reflection of your ability. I respect and appreciate that you’ve played a long time. But we don’t look at how long someone has played when making these decisions, just the data.

    Andy – David’s index went from 7.2 to 5.9 – a 20% improvement from his index entering the event. I also see a skins game result of a net differential of -3.8 which makes for four consecutive rounds at or below below his current handicap (Net differentials of -3.8, -4,1, 0, -1.5). The probability of such a result is one in 175,000 or 14 World Am’s worth of rounds by all players.

    Gary – your index went from 19.2 to 17.6 – remember the handicap system does not care about your bad rounds. Only the good ones, which you had two in a three day stretch. Lift clean and place is not considered since it is meant to offset difficulties of a wet golf course not make it easier than if it was dry.

    We’re all for getting better at golf. We want you to get better. Unfortunately with an established handicap, increases tend to be at a snails pace. With dramatic swings it becomes clear when you are not competing against your peers with the handicap established for the tournament.

    If you want to speak privately again with us just give us a call at 1-800-833-8798.

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    Ken – all courses have around 100-112 players. JFF will play identical to everyone else. There was no clerical reason to split it into two flights but we will award prizes as if there are two.

    in reply to: START TIME CHANGE – BAREFOOT LOVE #51361

    Yes Barefoot LOVE course has a 9:30 shotgun on the only round they host which is Monday. All players who needed to be notified of this were notified.

    in reply to: Blade and Bow #51352

    We have just about sold out.

    in reply to: World Am App #51320

    Looking like middle or later part of this coming week.

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    If you see a Strantz tee you are probably looking at Wachesaw Club, not Wachesaw East. The golds at East are 5800.

    in reply to: Guest Pass Exchange #51208

    Tommy – Guest passes are not fast pass just because the participant is. They are $75 per pass. You have only purchased one for yourself. Your guest pass is GA.

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    We are close but the last wave of procrastinators is the hardest.

    in reply to: Course Assignments #51181

    It definitely was not Thursday last year. Managing everyone’s expectations here.

    in reply to: Handicap Validation is Open #51159

    Chandler – It’s not the WA who isn’t recognizing it. It’s the USGA. Toss out the bad rounds, always. Simplest way I can address the PA vs. MB topic is that a handicap is similar to a credit score in that it is universally known. It doesn’t matter what factors went into it, you can take that number anywhere and a bank will know the interest rate (or strokes) to give you based on it.

    Currency may be a better example. You take your $100 US and travel to Italy where they give you $90 Euros to exchange it. It feels different because you’re in a foreign country and the quantities are different. But it’s actually the exact same amount of money.

    The differences in playing conditions are perceived difficulty, not actual difficulty.

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    Harry – do you have anything productive / not sarcastic to add to any threads on the BB?

    John – that’s how the whole system is set up. Throw out bad rounds. Count good ones. It’s not an average. This is why you are not supposed to play to or beat your handicap often. Not trying to call you out just clarifying a common misconception.

    Down to 364 players left to submit indexes.

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    782 left to get. Sounds like a small fraction, but the last 10% are always the slowest to return. Friends don’t let friends not submit their handicap quickly!

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