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    Harry – do you have anything productive / not sarcastic to add to any threads on the BB?

    John – that’s how the whole system is set up. Throw out bad rounds. Count good ones. It’s not an average. This is why you are not supposed to play to or beat your handicap often. Not trying to call you out just clarifying a common misconception.

    Down to 364 players left to submit indexes.

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    782 left to get. Sounds like a small fraction, but the last 10% are always the slowest to return. Friends don’t let friends not submit their handicap quickly!

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    We have the capability to do live scoring with our App. We attempted it a few years back. Long story short when only 5% of the tournament is using it we felt it was doing more harm than good. The underlying factor is in a handicapped event scoreboard watching leads to manipulation. I won’t pretend that does not exist and I (personally) rather people just try to play their best at all times. If we ever get to a point where nearly 100% are onboarded it could be done, I just am not sure when that may be.

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    It should still be open to book at discount provided they aren’t sold out and you are within a certain window of dates. Click below and add in our group code “WAM” once there and hit update.

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    please reach out to for any questions. thanks!

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    A few more have been added but likely won’t be able to again they are close to sold out. Book ASAP if you want to stay at the Sheraton.

    in reply to: Is It the End of the World Am as we know it #50637

    Hi all – thank you for the feedback.

    Throughout the years we try to stay at/below rising costs. To Billy’s point $535 in 2019 is the same as $601 in 2022 dollars. I feel great about the value we provide compared to anyone, anywhere. We continue to operate the event at the costs we have to pay for things. In short, to generate economic impact and not make money. It is not proper to look at the price strictly from a golf only standpoint.

    Pacing wise we are 250 players more right now YTD. We did not reach 2,000 until May 4 last year. Expecting 3,300 this year.

    Appreciate the insight into the entertainment. We have not solidified 2022 but can say karaoke will not be a part of it. That was least valued per our surveys. Yes, we listen! The gift bag we have two items we haven’t had since I’ve been here; an umbrella and glove. Plus a rain jacket which has not been done in 4-5 years.

    A few steps forward we’re proud of — prize distribution, spirits & operational efficiency. Aside from top 5’s, we gift 400+, high dollar prizes. In 2022 — to entire flights we will give golfbuddy lasers, sweet rollz grips, peakvision sunglasses. I encourage you to look at prizes pre-2010 in your participant guide. Take away the 1 person who could maybe win a condo and they’re comically low value.

    If you’re a spirits drinker, the step up has been considerable thanks to Crown Royal, Johnnie Walker, and Ketel One to name a few. Operational efficiency may be lost on a consumer but we’ve made strides in scoring and general technology to help promote a seamless event.

    For those that did not approve of a particular course played the good news is you likely will not see it again for many years if you don’t change age brackets. Similarly we have utilized survey responses to increase/decrease the usage of particular courses. A course may be hosting less or more days than the year prior if surveys dictate they were above or below their typically quality.

    To Ken’s point we have over 400 referral discounts out there meaning many of you aren’t paying full price. Keep up the good work referring friends so we can help to make the event grow.

    – can you send me that Scotland itinerary if that is a golf trip? Does that include airfare? Curious both personally and professionally. I would love to see that pricing as we remain competitive to other markets.

    Hope this helps provide insight to all who read the board. Please keep constructive criticism coming.

    in reply to: “Un”official Poll: Tee Times vs Shotgun for 2022 #50616

    The amount of courses we have in inventory aligns with how many players on the course which is usually between 90-104. 72 / course wouldn’t be feasible except in 2020 when we had 2,000 players.

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    Wayne Gregory

    in reply to: “Un”official Poll: Tee Times vs Shotgun for 2022 #50603

    Bill- it’s shotguns this year. Seeing airfare under $300 for 1 stops on delta / AA. Hope to see you back.

    in reply to: Scott, can you post course survey results? #50578

    @Mike – Won’t be publishing course surveys, I’m sorry.

    @Greg – You had the Dye Club last year. Willbrook Plantation as well. Two of my favorites. I don’t believe anyone got 3 “A’s” at least not from our staff selections perspective, as much as I’d want that to be the case for everyone.

    in reply to: Scott-Handicap services #50574

    to reiterate – Harry there’s a rumor that the grandfathering will only be 1 year, but I cannot confirm.

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    Mike – so long as your GHIN at Bryan Park stays active that should be sufficient. Your USHandicap linked to it will de-activate upon your 1 year subscription coming to a close.

    in reply to: Lower entry fee if we opt out of 19th hole. #50563

    There is no plan to make this an option. Among the many other factors for this, most participants attend 2 nights so the entry fee is priced with that in mind. If you go more nights and you get more value!

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    Harry – where do you get your news from? You were #40 to sign up! Congrats!

    Bobby – stay tuned!

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