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    Same prizes, just the top 5 selected at random rather than based on competition. We have some groups of 4, 8, or 12 etc that take buddy trips that want to play in this and keep their own scores among themselves.

    All the same value just for all different types of people. To elaborate further for anyone interested this would be great for: Mixed couples who just want to flight together, buddy trips, non-competitive types, juniors, gimme takers, list goes on..

    Should be fun, literally!

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    James – It is possible she could be reduced for lack of scores though it is not a guarantee. We have a percent reduction scale based on total scores in last 12 months. The less scores the higher the reduction. However, that only comes off of your current index as of August 15, 2017. We also compare that number against the lowest index she’s had in the last 12 months and take whichever is lower.

    Current index 20
    Reduction for scores 4% = 19.2
    Lowest index in last twelve months = 19.5
    Lower of the two, 19.2

    Hope this helps.

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    Providing the most valuable experience in the World is of the utmost importance to us. Handicaps/slow play have no bearing on your entry fee. It will never be perfect so I can’t touch on that.

    Much of the decision last year was to keep in line with cost of doing business. The early bird price for this golf tournament was $425 in 1999 (18 years ago!) and $499 in 2007. But as with everything, inflation does exist. In 2002 we gave you a $100 golf bag for first place rather than a $600 PGA TOUR SS gift card.. but I digress.

    Outside of that, we improved the availability of our golf courses which provided better course rotations across the board. Another segment went towards the food offerings at the 19th hole. Lastly we switched to PGA TOUR Superstore gift cards rather than TaylorMade (which could not be used outside of U.S.) to offer more diverse options in your prizes.

    We are committed to providing you with the best experience, delivering the most value and operating the best golf tournament possible. I am confident this is the best bang for your buck on the planet in the world of golf.

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    How fitting DJ wins when we give away a DJ driver!? The winner was Adam C. of Easton, PA. Results e-mailed as well. Congrats Adam.

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    Our records indicate you opened each of the two e-mails with results so I can’t say. Check again around 9am tomorrow you should get another.

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    Hey David — you should have been getting e-mails with your results in comparison to the winner.. or are you saying we should put it on the bulletin board?

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    Hey Jay – The previous management once opened entry around Christmas 2011 with a super early bird price as a new management team was about to be brought in. Which led to 2012 being our least satisfactory year since I’ve been a part of the tournament. All that to say, we’ll be opening in late March!

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    Yes, typo on my part Bob. My e-mail is

    We’ll run a skins game in-house for everyone Harry.

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    Harry – We’ll be utilizing your lowest 12 month index from 2/15/16 back to 3/1/15. World Am scores will not be utilized.

    in reply to: The new cup #36775

    Hey John – Click HERE

    in reply to: Overall position #36599

    Mark – It’s not posted but I ran the numbers out of curiosity. You came in 1,522th in terms of net or 926th gross. Keep in mind this is not taking into consideration the fact you played all different golf courses with different difficulties than everyone. And it’s a bit misleading because 4 flights only played three rounds so 200 players are automatically in front of you who you may or may not have beaten if they played all four rounds. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

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    I do!! It’s that cardinal red shown on the gift bag page.

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    The tee listed is accurate. 5,783 Gold Tee.

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    It was 175 left this morning.

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    We’ve got 1,700 so far!!! You guys rock. Keep them coming!! Tell your friends if you ain’t first to submit, you’re last!!

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