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    9 — Men (49 & Under) Low 11.7 High 12.5 Courses Players
    10 — Men (49 & Under) Low 12.6 High 15.1 Courses Players

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    We are looking between 9/1/15 and 8/15/16. This is stated on the form and on the video tutorials of how to find the information. GHIN automatically provides this info on their website so you don’t need to search. Only golfnet and ushandicap require a bit of looking around.

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    6:69 AM???

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    Oh we’ve drawn up flights. You just aren’t in them yet! Yes, Ryan please have your friend give us a call to discuss options.

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    Scott – Understand it’s not a complaint. We do our best to be transparent.

    The key to remember is that all the numbers taken into consideration are only based on your posted scores in some way or another. They aren’t pulled out of thin air. I’d say there is significant consideration given your past scores (within 1 year which is as far back as we deem relevant). Your low 12 is based on your own past scores, your WA index is based on your scores here, your tournament scores at home are your past scores, so on so forth.

    And I might add, unfortunately none of us are getting younger!!

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    Your low 12 of 13.3 cannot be reduced. Whichever of the two comes out lower. In that scenario, 13.3.

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    It is applicable to all players, that is a typo. Keep in mind reductions may only come off your current index and it may not actually affect you.

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    We did not send one out- Feel free to shoot us an e-mail to Glad you enjoyed it.

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    Jon – Yes, post any score using ESC regardless of tournament or not.

    David B – The point is all handicaps we “assign” for the tournament are from rounds you (should) post. We’ve never placed someone at a handicap index that isn’t based on your own scores. No information is disregarded and many players will play based on their current index. In reference to that one time you played to a WA index (5.7) instead of your submitted index (10.4) the difference may have been less drastic if you posted your tournament scores to your own index.

    Edit: failure to post tournament scores from the WA the previous year is grounds for immediate ineligibility.

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    Jon – Hopefully shortly after registration closes.

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    Jim – you’re going to have to play Hummingbird twice my friend!!

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    Criteria reductions are applied to your current handicap index, then compared to your low 12 and your WA index. Your low 12 and WA index cannot be reduced. It will ask 20 scores in last 12 months.

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    Daniel – We ask for all USGA indexes to provide the lowest handicap index in the last 12 months as part of submission criteria. The majority of non-USGA indexes do not have the ability to submit your lowest 12 month handicap revision. The 5% is a uniform non-USGA reduction because that data is unavailable. This has been in place since we started asking for lowest 12 month indexes.

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    Daniel – the USGA only recalculates a handicap index twice a month. That index on the 1st and 15th is a revision. Canada does not have revisions because they update handicap factors each time you post a score. In a sense, you have a revision every time you post a score. Where as USGA only has two a month.

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    Haven’t you heard we added another Friendly’s station!?

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