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    Jim – That’s correct. We’re on track for our forecast of 3,100.

    in reply to: World App and latest Apple patch 9.3.3 #35162

    We are aware of the issue. The app is one of the few things we don’t operate in-house so it takes longer to fix. Thank you all for your patience.

    in reply to: Any Ideas #35124

    Jim – welcome to the World Am. Happy to have you join us. You and your wife will be on two different courses each day however we will try to make it as easy on you as possible.

    Firstly, we have a ride share program set up to assist. When you fill in your handicap forms we will ask you where you are staying in addition to ‘will you be able to offer a ride to a fellow participant in the same flight as you’. This option will give us an idea of fellow competitors that may be willing to carpool with you. We recommend you also check that box for yourselves to return the favor.

    When you arrive at check-in Saturday/Sunday ask a staff member for help carpooling and we will contact those that have offered their help. It is not a guaranteed system (and this bulletin board will also help) but we are usually able to find someone to assist! Staying near the convention center will help your cause.

    Lastly, there may be one or two days where you and your wife will be going in the same direction as each other and won’t require a ride every day.

    in reply to: Bands #35091

    Will be announced next week!

    in reply to: Handicap question #35074

    Terry the use of 1-year history for your WA index has been in effect since 2012. From what I can see your only year using a WA index was in 2013 which would have pulled from 2012 alone.

    in reply to: REGISTRATIONS #35032

    It’s very rare we hear of an actual 6 hour round. You can expect to be around 5 hours given the tournament atmosphere. Between late player arrivals, starting announcements, getting out to your start hole, coming back in and actually verifying your scores it may feel more like 6. From actual tee off to last ball drop we’ve gathered we’re around 5hr 15min which isn’t uncommon.

    Generally speaking playing ready golf, finishing out your putts and keeping up with the group in front of you does just as much good as a ranger riding around the golf course.

    in reply to: REGISTRATIONS #35030

    It’s discussed every year among players/pro’s and ourselves. Open forums and constant feedback..

    in reply to: REGISTRATIONS #35021

    We are anticipating concluding with 3,100 which was to be expected from our end.

    And yes Bob you are correct for the most part. A few hundred entries will come in from today forward. Most of which are the younger players that can’t commit that early. Some are from exhibitors that wish to participate in addition to being at the 19th hole and a few other miscellaneous sources.

    in reply to: World Amateur App #34917

    Bill – There is only one app. Click HERE and it will show a link to either Google or Apple store just click whichever applies to you.

    in reply to: REGISTRATIONS #34779

    Bob the early price was not extended. Price is $575 through June 30th. Same timeline as 2015.

    in reply to: REGISTRATIONS #34775

    Jim – as of the early entry deadline of May 19 we were just about even with 2015.

    in reply to: World Amateur App #34704

    The app is in the store and about as up to date as it can be for being May.. obviously there’s no scores to post.. but news, schedule and info are all there. Only item not up to speed is the countdown clock.

    in reply to: Gift Bag #34523

    Tom – up to XXXL for the men.

    in reply to: Early Random Drawing #34432

    12th. Typo has been fixed thanks for pointing out

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