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    I too changed my PW yet i am having issues logging into the APP.

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    I always play the ball as it lies and take no gummy putts.

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    I can vouch that overly exceptional rounds do happen.

    In May this year I went on vacation to Florida (Stream Song Resort) Shot an 84 on the Red course then 2 days later dropped a 76 on the blue course Rating (69.50.127). First ever round in the 70’s my previous best round was a 82 way back in 2018. Since then I would go back and forth from 86-95 respectfully.

    The Blue Course Round was playing with my wife, a random couple w/Forecaddie, Went into the round telling myself to have fun, that I am on vacation, and there is no reason to so don’t care about my shots/score.

    SO…Played almost the entire round on 100% Autopilot, until of course the 16th hole when the forecaddie ask me my handicap and then he went on to inform me that I birdied 4 of the 5 holes.

    Then realizing what I had done proceeded to finished the the last 3 holes at a +4 (16th +2 – 17th +2 18th Par) for a back 9 (36). I just wonder what would have happened if the forecaddie would had not said anything.

    I only remember 4 shots and they were the bad ones. My average penalties are (4) per round so that was about normal.

    Since my low round of 76 I have shot the flowing 83,82,98,95,89,93,92,88.

    So I will be coming in to this years World AM with a 12.4 Low-HC hoping to embrace my inner autopilot and turn OFF the Care.

    See what happens I guess…

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    It has been stated in prior years..

    The sooner that everyone completes their handicap verifications the sooner they can get the course out.

    So need everyone to check there emails and spam folders and not procrastinate 😛

    in reply to: Shotgun Starts #51003

    Honestly the main reason I liked Tee times was due to being able to actually have time on the range + chipping/putting greens.

    My 1st year prior to Covid was Shotgun.
    The atmosphere was high energy. Everyday it was very difficult to get a spot. Seeing some people on the range before I even arrived and still on the range after. With no consideration to others with a line of people waiting for an open spot. Putting/Chipping green + Refreshment shop was packed.

    My 2nd year and since was Tee Time’s.
    It was night and day. With an entire atmosphere change. Over all less stressful, Always a spot on the range, putting /chipping greens with space to actually putt , and a busy but not packed refreshment shop.

    I personally get to the course an hour early. Hit about 20-25 balls (MAX) on the range and spend about 10-15 minute putting /chipping to warm up.

    As any seasoned golfs knows…What happens on the range does always equal what happens on the course.

    So hitting 30-40 balls on the range to warm up is a bit excessive and with shotguns start will not allow everyone the opportunity to warm up.

    Just by quick soap box speech

    in reply to: Shotgun Starts #50997

    Wow.. Good luck finding a spot in the driving range or on the putting green!!

    in reply to: Expectations #50846

    One other piece of advise, is to have someone or maybe both carts record a full score card of the round. At the end sit down and verify that both score cards, or a combination of both the score cards and your personal record match what you have. Then transfer the scores to the official upper section of your sheet.

    This will help to eliminate any questions or concerns by turning in a clean (No scribble/erase free) score sheet.

    It also helps if you unfortunately run into a player who thinks they can shave points by erasing/changing their scores on a hole after your have signed and given the official score sheet to them… Which I have run into before. (Said but true but it has happened)

    in reply to: Is It the End of the World Am as we know it #50841

    I agree with C. Smith. I am in Maryland (8) hour drive from Myrtle and 99% of the people I talk to about the world AM have no idea that a tournament such as this even exists.

    Which is said because 85% of those people already go to Myrtle beach for there annual buddy’s golf trip…

    in reply to: Max of 9 score #50840

    Here is my 2.5 Cents due to inflation. 🙂


    Current Method = Max 9: Example a Par 3
    Low Handicap 18 or less = +6 or maybe +5 if given 1 stroke
    High Handicap 19 or more = +5 or maybe +3 if given 2 strokes.

    New Idea = Double Par: Example a Par3
    Low handicap 18 or less= +3 or maybe +2 if given 1 stroke
    High Handicap 19 or more = +2 or maybe +1 if given 2 strokes.

    So we need to ask what would change if the Max was moved from 9 to Double par.

    1. Flights would be the same, all flight would compete against them selves. So no change…

    2. One could say that moving to double par would decrease the length of the rounds, and yes less strokes taken per person would result in speeding up the rounds. So a Good Change…

    3. Some would say that Double par would give an advantage to the Higher handicapper, which I would say that they are not in your flight…

    So in the end from what I see it would only effect the final day/Championship round where all flights compete against each other? Maybe? but if that is the case then the Max 9 rule could then be used for this one day.

    Am I missing or leaving out any factors?

    Currently, from what I see Double Par is a Win Win.. For potentially speeding up rounds.


    in reply to: Spectators #50823

    Although I though I did see somewhere that spectators are allowed for the Championship round. 🙂

    in reply to: Course Selection & Thoughts #50765

    Questions and comments:

    Q:How much does WA actually pay the courses?

    Q:Is that amount even enough for the course to care about hosting this event?

    C:Bad course management is what it is and no amount of money can fix that.

    C:I have seen many courses fail which were built/managed with the expectation that the home owners in the community would be members. Most home owners simply purchase to be in Myrtle beach and don’t care about the golf course(S) thus severely diminish the courses ability to fund and maintain the course.

    I the end What ever the reason or cause… No one should have to play a crap course for the amount of money we are charged.

    Just my thoughts…

    in reply to: Course Concerns #50758

    It would be interesting to see how/where the $600.00 Entry fee gets allocated.
    Since I know that the majority of the WA course’s can be played for under $100.00 per round.

    in reply to: “Un”official Poll: Tee Times vs Shotgun for 2022 #50710

    Simple Vote: Tee Times for the first 3 rounds then Shotgun for the last.

    Anyone running Skins for Flights 7-8?

    in reply to: Green Reading Devices & Apps #49505
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