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Bob Newman

I would wait until you see what courses you will be playing and try to line up practice rounds on those–you usually know your courses b4 arriving and will have ample time to make tee times. If you do not play the ball down now, you need to start as it does make a difference. Also get use to “mud” balls cause you will definitely have some. Also familiarize yourself with the rules or at least study “A Quick Guide to the Rules” starting on p 18 in the Rule Book. Practice playing “slow” as you will be looking a 5 hr rounds (and 6 hr rounds is the norm). Get use to putting everything out because if you are not use to making 12″ putts they look much longer when you have to get it in.–I do this and I missed an 8″ putt Saturday that cost me a $10 closest to the hole. Bring al least 2 pr of golf shoes. and the list can go on and on — bring plenty of patience

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