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Jay Seifert

Mike – I don’t think that there is any question that the WA staff would care VERY MUCH about it. The problem here sounds like a “course issue” where they simply failed to notify the WA committee properly. s you can imagine it’s difficult to run such a complex tourney and the WA staff does rely heavily on the partnership of the courses. 99% of the course management do the “right thing” and follow up but every once in a while something like this happens that is simply not raised up to the WA committee in a timely fashion so they simply don’t know anything about it. Without a player there to “catch” the error (like you or someone from your group) at the 19th hole, it’s easy to see how something like this could have happened. My advice is to remain positive, diligient and to notify the WA committee if you have ANY questions or doubts. You CAN call them pretty much ANY time so, in theory, you could have called them from the road on your way home if you wanted to ensure that the guy didn’t get away with it.

Having played in this for nearly 15 total years I have called them after a round and I have been called after a round for confirmations (lucky enough to make finals in back-to-back 4 & 5 years ago) so I have that number on my phone.

Bottom line is to remain positive about it all and to try to protect the field where you are able. Hopefully we will see you back here next year with a few new friends!

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