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Bob Newman

drop zones—are legal as long as they do not violate 26-1b (keeping the point where last crossed the hazard between you and the hole) or like # 17 at Sawgrass, having to still play across the hazard but from a shorter distance– go to USGA website and read decision 33-8/2–this decision specifically deals with putting DZ on green side for a 2 shot penalty and the answer in part –“such a rule alters 26-1b as it allows the player to drop a ball on a part of the course that the rule would not have permitted his to reach— No matter how lyou look at it, it is just not fair to the player that negotiates the hazard according to the rules to have a player just get to pick up and cross the hazard for 1 shot. This is suspose to be tournament golf, the DZ they use as MB are fine for tourist but this is Tournament Golf. On a par 5 at Wdorld Tour, since water was down the entire right side of FW, I could have hit my tee shot into the hazard, gone to the DZ on green side, dropped a ball (2) and been chipping got a 3 from just off the green. The WA committee can not monitor each course and have to rely on the local pros to do the right thing and the local pros elect to do jsut what they always do and sit in the proshop. I had a discussion with the pro at Tradition and World Tour and all they say is that they can make a local rule to do but have no clue that you can not make a local rule unless it is in the Appendix and/or approved by the USGA. I doublt if the majority of them have ever attended a USGA Rules Workshop, at least I havew not heard anyone instrtoduce themselves as a PGA Professional at one (but i will admitt with over 200 at these things I could have missed it during the introductions). I just think that with what we pay to -play in these things, the local pros could get it right since it is advertised as a Tournament.

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