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Bob Newman

Chuck, I fully understand and appreciate what you have posted and would love to see the above wording on the hard cop and the sheet that is handed out each day. In fact at Ledgends, Parkland on Thursday our sheet specifically stated” Drop Zones- None, Out of Bounds no O B– I about got arrested for trespassing for attempting to play out of a yard (I even told the homeowner I had no intention of taking a divot) only to find out that the pro had the wrong sheet in the carts. I honestly believe that the WA Committee DOES indeed request that the local clubs do not use the improper drop zones or other incorrect local rules that they tend to use. But the committee is at the mercy of the clubs to do this and “I think” the pros just continue to do business as usual and not worry about those of us that would like to see it done correctly. I also think that the few of us that would love to see it played correctly are by far outnumbered to make a difference. I am not trying to fault the WA staff on this at all, it is just what has happened. The ones that want this as a golf outing just out number us. I have come to realize that the rules and pace of play mean nothing to the majority that play this event and I will deal with these factors when deciding about next year. I really enjoy playing in this event and if I decide not to come back, it will have nothing to do with the WA STaff but the lack of support from the local clubs, mainly the pros.

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