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Jay Seifert

because….(as posted on the Facebook site by me)…
Sunday a year later play… “makes little practical sense as the 2016 “winner” would only be so for less than 5 days in …2017. It also may not be practical from the participants POV as many of the flight winners may not be able to make it back the following year due to schedules. In short, you might get 50% of the finalist to attend a year later & they will likely not be playing as well as they did in the tournament. Additionally, what if one of the players who finished 2016’s round at a 16 handicap practices and gets lessons and becomes a 3 handicap the following year. You can’t really let him represent the 16 HDCP flight when he is then playing to a 3. I could go on but no real need to, right?”

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