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Bob Newman

Rick- I do agree with most of what you said, particularly that the pro mostly gets it wrong. I do feel that the WA handled this as best they could with not finding out about it till after the close of competition and most parties are long gone but do keep in mind that there are a lot of instances where the results can be changed after the close of competition. Rule 33 & 34 have a good many instances and keep in mind that the rules where changed somewhat this year to allow for not having the party DQ’d but hit with the apocopate penalty plus an additional 2 shot penalty (could be a total of 4 shots in penalties). I do not have the time nor energy or care enough to go thru looking and reading everything in 33 & 34 so will defer to the committee and Lew. This just illustrates the fact that if something is wrong on the course take it to the committee at the CC regardless of what the local pros say. The committee does not have the manpower to be checking up on each host course during the competition but I honesly believe they will get to bottom of it at the CC.

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