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Rick Kimbrell

Dale Craig, I totally agree with you. I have ran the skins game in my flight(s) the last couple of years. I volunteered only because no one else volunteered to do it and I said I would only do so if I got some help. I got great help both years. Both years, the decision was made the morning of the Monday first round of the tournament…not before.
I came better prepared to do it last year than I did the year before. Last year I had printouts and such to make it a lot easier. I will do the same this year but believe me, if someone else steps up to run it…he will not get any argument out of me. I will gladly help as much as I can. But, if no one offers to do it, I will volunteer again this year. I never come “expecting” to be the skins game guy in my flight but always glad to do it if no one else does.

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