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Tom McGeehan

Dale, I have played in the World Am 28 times and this year will be my 29th time.I have also played in many Member/Guests over the years. Most of my Member/Guest tournaments have been 9 hole matches and I cannot count the number of times a high handicap has said,”this is my best 9 holes ever!” I think my highest handicap over the years has been either 6 or 7. At the World Am, I have never encountered an intentional cheat. However, I strongly believe it is our responsibility to protect the field. I have called people when they did not know the rules, but I do not believe you can do anything when someone runs up and finds their ball before anyone can help search. Some folks get so caught up in the tournament that they just have to cheat. Usually they do not win. When a score is changed, we need to report the problem and let the officials sort it out.
This is a great event and i have been fortunate enough to play with folks that honor the rules and enjoy the competition. Hope you do not encounter any bad players this year. I have been fortunate to not have encountered any bad competitors at the World Am.

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