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Rick Kimbrell

Pretty much most every game is as David states. 20,20,20,40 for total of 100. I have heard about larger ones but they were the exception. And, in some Senior and above flights, you can’t get us old geezers to put up $100 so it is 10,10,10 and 20 for total of $50. Also, in some of the higher handicap flights, it is not always birdie or better to win. A buddy of mine ran the game a few years back in the highest handicap mid-senior flight and they paid out par or better. Some holes were won with a par that week.
The last day has always been double for as many years and I have been coming. See no reason to change it.
I will run whatever the masses desire. As I stated before, I volunteer once I know that no one else is going to run the skins game on Monday. I come prepared just in case. And, if I do run it, I want someone to assist. Do not take a cut, do not ask for tips. If someone give me a tip…thank you. If someone buys me an adult beverage…thank you. If someone else runs the skins game, I will do whatever I can to help them out.
But, as has been stated before…regardless of what flight you are in…make sure the skins guy is legit, is registered in the tournament, and is playing in one of the 2 flights playing on your course that day.

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