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Rick, glad you mentioned the “rules” of the game? Biggest rule being, what will happen on the last day if all the holes are tied? It almost never happens…… until last year in my two flights. All I can say is that I was glad I didn’t run it, because there was no way in the world that I would have walked out of the clubhouse with that much money still in my hands. Dan Westenbarger said it best. “Send someone home a winner!” So I always had his idea when I ran it. Everyones name that was in the skins goes into the hat and you draw X amount of winners til the money is gone. Second chance! Keeps everyone there in the clubhouse and they benefit by food & drink and whatever else people buy. You could always go by the fewest amount of birdies or eagles on holes, but, this will involve a recount of all the cards people turn in. That’s a bother and too time consuming. And a lot of the players don’t bother turning in their cards if they know they have been cut. It’s best when all players in the game turn a scorecard for the group or every player in the game turns in their scoring strip with name and phone number on the back. Last day you can throw the strips into the hat and draw for winners if the unfortunate all tie happens. But have some sort of plan in place. Donating to your stripper girlfriend named Charity is not a good option.

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