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Mark Hancock

Harry: I couldn’t agree more. The GHIN system is rigged to the favor of low handicap players. Higher handicappers tend to have a wider spread of scores, so dropping the highest 10 of the last 20 rounds played has a greater effect for high handicappers. Also, taking 96% of the lowest 10 round differentials really penalizes the high handicappers as 96% of 1 doesn’t amount to anything while 96% of 20 matters.

While I say this, at least Golf does have a system that tries to bring equity to the game among all skill sets. Regarding your tournament score, you should be able to go to your Club or the GHIN host and have them remove the score that you posted. I would also have a conversation with the Head Pro at the Tournament site and see if you could make him understand that the posted slope/rating didn’t match what you played. Good luck,

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