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Rick Kimbrell

Robert Weber…you have been lucky then. I play in 2 tournament leagues which amounts, for me, to about 70 tournament rounds every year. Just yesterday, we had someone DQd because of screwing up the scores copying them from the course card to the official scorecard. It happens way way too often, probably 10 or more of those tournaments I play in every year. Since I work probably 50 of those tournaments each year, I see it first hand doing the scoring. To each his own…but if you are in my 4some you can do it however you want but the guy whose card I am responsible for…I will be keeping his score on the official card and recording my own score on the tear off bottom. I really would prefer whoever is keeping mine to do the same. I don’t care how many in the group keep scores on a course scorecard. Just not a fan of not keeping the official card on a hole by hole basis as we play.

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