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Bob Newman

Tommy, take a look at 18.3c(2)/2 and 18.3c(2)/3 in the interpretations. these put a little different spin on what is acceptable. If someone finds the ball( spotter, opponent, official , etc-) within the 3 minute period, -the player is obligated to “identify” the ball. Also the rules do not keep you from a Provisional if you think that the ball could be lost other than in the penalty area. And with the way some courses mark the entire side as a penalty area, there will probably be numerous occasions when this will be the case. Also while we are talking about identifying the ball, the new rules have a different view on this also–you are encourage to put a mark on you ball for identification, but if you hit a ProV into an area and you find one in the same area and it is reasonable to assume it is your ball if you identify it as such. Good Luck with trying that in this group, haha

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