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Wayne Rhodes

Not to totally confuse you, Ken, since you seem to be happy at this point, but when I’ve played other courses with three (or more) nines, we’ve made the front nine the ODD numbers (starting with 1) and the back nine the EVEN numbers (starting with 2).


Front 9
1 is 1
2 is 3
3 is 5
4 is 7, etc.

Back 9
1 is 2
2 is 4
3 is 6, etc.

It’s another option with the advantage that it’s more equitable (with players getting strokes on the harder holes) and is already built-in to the course scorecard (so you can figure it out ahead of time).

BTW, if you do it the way Sandpiper suggested, wouldn’t mean that MOST of the strokes would fall on the first nine and relatively few on the back?

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