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Bob Newman

i just got back from therapy. I’m 16 weeks out from surgery. Have been into the “strengthening” phase now for about 3 weeks and it is more intense. The muscle’s are learning the new parts and position that they are in now. I am experiencing more “soreness” and occasional twinge of pain. The stretches that the therapist does now, you have to make sure yore shoulder is relaxed and get your breathing right and breathe thru the stretch. Also he may ask you to put your other hand in your pocket(so it will take longer for you to get it out and hit him). Only last for about 5 seconds BUT it is WORTH it. He is pleased at where I am. Have started chipping and even hitting some almost half swings. He has been telling me all along the muscles learning new position and I didn’t follow until I went from baby chips to a quarter chip and could not put the face of club on ball(have a couple new dents in wall in office, actually missed the net). Took a a lot of concentration and time to iron this out. Actually contacted the ground a little harder than I meant to yesterday but did not feel any pain. Shoulder did tell me to slow down though. Should be up to semi full shots by end of month. I am learning that even 5 lbs is HEAVY. My life is already better than before and I am not trying to rush the come back but am really glad that I had this done. Work hard on the therapy.

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