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Tommy Briggs

I think that while all of this is new I think we have to accept it is the new normal. Just because the number of cases spikes does not mean the country will shut down again. I think we all have to get use to the fact we have two choices;
1. Stay at home in isolation and minimize your contact with the outside world.
2. Live your life as normal with a few minor adjustments, (wear a mask – avoid large group of people without masks) and accept you have a one in a thousand chance of dying from a virus.

I believe when it is your time it is your time and how does not really matter. I love life and golf and plan to live and play until I am not ale to, I will take reasonable precautions but I am not going to lock myself in my house in isolation. I believe they will find a vaccine but as soon as they figure this one out another will pop up.

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