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Tommy Briggs

Harry as Jim mentioned in many situations just like a red or white line in certain instances the “issue” extend upwards and in some cases could include a ball that has come to rest in a tree or bush.

I have made my opinion clear several times but there should be no remedy for a bad lie. Bad lies are part of golf plain and simple and to try to remove them from the game is a game that is no longer golf. The day that every shot is played off of a preferred lie is wrong and goes against the very ideology of the game of golf. If the game was intended to be played without the fear of coming to rest on a root or in water, or in adverse conditions then golf courses would not have trees or water and the General Area would be made of pristine artificial turf. You are supposed to have bad lies in golf, it is part of the game and to use exceptions outside of the rules of golf to eliminate bad lies is not golf.

My swing coach used to tell me he was not going to spend a lot of time with me on bunker shots, he thought it made better sense to teach me how to hit the ball where I wanted it to go and avoid bunkers.

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