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michael marshall

Dear Scott

Sorry so long getting back to you but have been sorting out my prize. It eventually arrived today but unlike the lucky Americans who win, it has cost me and my friend in America a total of $170 dollars to get a prize to UK. If as I suggested and you used to do, the cards were issued at the world am closing event I could have bought the item the next day and no costs for shipping, no delivery costs in England and no taxes in England as I had already would have paid them in USA.

You issue cards for nearest the pins and longest drives because AJ presents them. I would like to thank the World Am for changing the system that now makes it costly to win if you live outside of USA.

I am sure you will have answers for this but none of them will involve me being reimbursed I am sure. Please seriously consider these points so that it can encourage people like me to return some day.

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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