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    Dale Craig

    This is primarily directed at Scott, but interested how others will react too. Although COVID kept me from traveling and competing last year I plan on returning this year. I was surprised by the number of complaints I heard about the conditions some found at a few of the courses (Cats especially) and if any additional precautions will be taken to remove courses that are not representative of what we expect for this tournament? I would hate to spend as much money as I do to travel, stay and play to have a bad taste during and afterwards because I got assigned a course that was better served as a cow pasture than a competitive golf course. I’ve been lucky so far to never have had to play on a poorly conditioned course during the WA, but it sure sounded like there were some real dogs last year.


    Dale – thanks for the note. We have an in depth evaluation system based on the player survey that each course gets the data to see how they stack up. We use it internally for a variety of uses but most notably for determining the sets of 4 courses a player may get. Fortunately, or unfortunately, most of the time poor conditions are temporary / short term. So we continue to evaluate as late as possible prior to the event.

    Dale Craig

    Scott, Thanks for the quick reply! I know how hard you and your team work to pull this off every year, and I’m hoping last year was a one off and can hopefully just be chalked up to one more COVID related issue. Can’t wait to come back this year and praying for the 19th hole to return. The only other problem I’m seeing so far this year is the severe deficit in VRBO offerings, as I usually go this route vs hotels.

    Raymond Blank

    I am also seeing less places to book for this year. Most of them I have seen have the week of the tournament unavailable. Hope I can find a place
    If not I’ll find a nice park beach and bring my pillow. Lol

    Tommy Briggs

    I always think of it like this, out of the four courses, I am going to get one below average course, one really great course and two average to above average courses. That has pretty much held true for the six years I have played in the WA.

    Danny Fox

    I don’t know about a lot of people but we normally book our stay for the next year before we ever leave. But then again we have been staying in the same place for like 15 years now.

    david tiano

    I voiced my concern on the Cats courses last year as they have a financial problem going on with that property and the courses. As such they have less employees to work the courses. If that has not been resolved then I would think the courses are still not being maintained.
    I hope this year you SEND someone up there to ride each course to see what is going on then just a phone call. If the courses are still bad then you have a pattern and if they tell you they will be tournament ready for August I have a bridge to sell you.

    Ken Weatherford

    I agree with Tommy. Usually each year you are going to get one course out of the four that is just a dog…maybe winter kill on the greens, bad maintenance, too much rain the previous week, and the list goes on. I just expect to get one course that is not in great shape for one reason or the other. As Tommy said, expect one great course and two at or above average.

    Rick Kimbrell

    David is correct about the condition of the Cats courses last year. Sad too, such a great complex but their courses were in horrible shape last year. Generally speaking, courses that people say are bad in MB usually are not all that bad compared to some of the courses I play in my tournament leagues in the Greater Houston area. BUT…that could not be said for the Cats courses I saw last year. Only thing green in the fairways were weeds and sometimes they were 3 or 4 inches high IN THE FAIRWAY.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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