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    Jesse Schmidt

    It blows my mind but a lot of the courses in Myrtle don’t have coolers on the carts or available in the clubhouse. Perhaps they hide them during World Am week? Regardless, a lot of the time they will hand you a plastic bag full of ice, which lasts almost 90 seconds before it is just a bag of water leaking everywhere. A collapsible cooler has been a handy solution and is part of my standard World Am gear.

    Billy Burwick

    Great advice!


    What I do is get a full case of Gatorade the moment I get down there and place them into the Freezer being 3/4 full and top them up in the morning and take 2 with you each day that will keep it frozen cold for all 18 holes

    Scott Porter

    A cooler is standard golf gear for Myrtle Beach and the WA. The first year I played I did not know you could bring one. On the second day the course we were playing my group saw the beverage cart on our first hole and the last. It was about 98 that day and there was no water on the course. Thank fully I had taken a couple of bottles of water out with me. Freeze bottles and use them as your ice, it will defrost very quickly.

    john dickie

    Agree with everything. Btw most are’nt putting water out since Covid. I’m from Flint, Mi. Want me to bring our water?? Ha just kidding, getting real close guys, hit’em straight.


    Thanks for the offer John but it’s OK I’m bringing my own water from Camp Lejeune

    Rick Kimbrell

    Couple empty Gatorade bottles, fill with 75% you favorite whiskey, add another 10% water, then freeze overnight. You are set for the next day. Well maybe make that more than a couple…4 bottles seems to work for 18 holes.

    joseph healy

    bring alot of water,if its hot hydrate hydrate!!!!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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