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    Ken Delaney

    To everyone in Flights 5 & 6:

    I, along with some other veterans, will be running the skins game this year. I would like to give you guys a run down of price, rules and steps we are going to take to handle reporting skins and most importantly, VERIFYING your skin.

    We will combine BOTH flights for this game. If you are new, what that means is, we will NOT separate the payouts based upon flights. Everyone is playing together in one big skins pool.

    PRICE: – $100 for the week or also, Mon- $20, Tues-$20, Wed-$20 & Thurs – $40. We prefer you to pay in full on Monday (easiest), or you can pay daily (each morning before teeing off). IF YOU PAY DAILY, it is YOUR responsibility to find someone collecting skins for that day.

    GAME: – This is for GROSS birdies or better scores only (no net, no hcp involved). PAR doesn’t count. If you make a birdie or better on any given hole, please CIRCLE it (helpful). If no one on the course that day, equals or succeeds your score, you will collect some money (amount TBD).

    REPORTING/VERIFYING YOUR SKIN: – If you have a birdie or better and your round is complete, please sign and have your card attested by someone in your group. Then please proceed to the clubhouse and look for me, or anyone else handling the skins game. WE MUST SEE YOUR TOURNAMENT CARD BEFORE YOU TURN IT IN TO THE PRO SHOP. A smartphone picture of your card is acceptable but you must wait and verify with someone running the skins BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE COURSE!! Again, TOURNAMENT CARD ONLY!! NO COURSE CARDS.

    TEE TIME DILEMNA: I am teeing off rather early each day, therefore, others will be around to collect in the event you are a later tee time. If you are new, ask around and someone will direct you to one of a few guys who can take your entry fee and check you on the list.

    I will be arriving in town Friday 8/27 and can be reached at 302-463-5241 if you have any questions. If you text me, please tell me who you are when you text. Also, email is teeitup914@gmail.com.

    Ken Delaney

    To all who plan on getting into the skins pot for the week:

    I tee off at 8:03am on Monday. Two gentlemen (I use that term loosely) lol, who are teeing off at 9:15am will be collecting for the pot after I tee off. If you get there early enough, please find me so I can mark you down.

    If you arrive after my tee off time, please see either Craig Oby or Ryan DeAscanis. If you don’t make it a point to pay up and confirm your entry prior to teeing off, YOU ARE NOT IN FOR MONDAY!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! You can sign up on Tuesday for the rest of the week, but it’s YOUR responsibility to find one of us!!

    Safe travels to everyone and see you at Crown Park!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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