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    BJ Newbern

    We were talking after the final round, and it seemed that the majority of guys in the Gross flight would prefer to play 4 rounds on 2 different courses versus 4 rounds on 4 different courses. We wondering if that would be a possibility? We really enjoyed the last 2 rounds at River hills and Heritage….Heathland was great as well.

    We all thought that if we played those 2 courses over 4 days it would have been great.
    Just wondering if that could be considered….You guys do a great job either way.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Why? And, you guys don’t have enough to fill up the course so they add the 2nd flight guys in with you. All flights in the WA all play 4 rounds (hopefully) on 4 different courses. Why should you guys be any different? Not trying to be an azz…just stating facts as I see them.

    Jason Moore


    Was talking to you as we walked out of Heritage to our cars about this as well. I played in flight 2 and since we are the only 2 flights that play 6,800 – 7,000 yards I think consideration for this should be looked into it. The course set up could truly feel different each day. Our rotation was excellent despite the greens at Shaftsbury Glen. I would like to see better chances to score and make birdies. Lowest gross score in flight 2 all week was 73 and hardly anyone under par net. If you want to attract strong players and a younger crowd guarantee 2 solid courses like Heritage, Caldonia, True Blue and River Hills. I’m turning 40 in a month and Flights 1 & 2 had a younger field then most we have to have more then 95 People under 50 with a handicap from 0-5 hcp. I will continue to support the WA as its a great tournament with great people playing. I read these posts and just thankful we didn’t have any of these issues. This from a guy hitting 10 off the 16 tee at River Hills luckily my playing partners found my first ball for me as I was trying to drown myself in a pond. I did declare for you rules guys a provisional and hit different balls Titelist, Snell, Taylormade, Bridgestone and finally a NEON YELLOW VOLVIK split the fairway!

    Stan Legus

    I am in the last flight of the 60-69 age mens group. This was my 21st year playing in the World Am and we played to 5800 yards. Since I paid the same entry fee as the participants in flight’s 1 and 2,I would ask the WA committee to take into consideration next year for my flight: (1) Play Caledonia all 4 days,(2) play Caledonia 2 days and True Blue 2 days.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Hmmm, I was just thinking about this whole thread…re-reading it again. Wonder if the consensus would be the same if only 2 courses were used and those 2 courses were Arcadian Shores and Possum Trot. Makes on think…yes it does.

    Bob Newman

    I would vote to let the better golfers playing with no strokes have the better courses. You could also look at it from the perspective of the lower indexes of each age group getting the better courses, a reward for improving your golf game.

    john wolf

    As long as the entry is the same then the rules should be the same. If you want better scores then play better

    Jay Seifert

    Gentleman – THE solitary premise of the world amateur HANDICAP championships is that… “no matter your handicap, you have the same chance as anyone else”. That extends down to the course selection as well. There is ZERO reason that this particular event should show favoritism to SCRATCH golfers in regards to course selection.

    I think that the original request may have been targeted at playing the SAME course more than one time which would, in theory, give them a better chance at scoring well the second time they play it but that as well would be pointless. There is PLENTY of opportunity for a serious golfer to go play any and ALL of the courses on their schedule of play the days prior so if someone wanted to get experience on the courses of play, they could do so in advance of the formal event’s start on Monday.

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