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    David Rollins

    Under the handicap section… verification… it states; The entrant is a new player and or has not played in the previous World Amateur.

    In which case, the submitted Handicap Index will be evaluated and reduced accordingly if any of the following criteria are not met:
    a. Entrant does not have twenty (20) scores posted for the last 12 months
    b. Entrant does not have one (1) tournament round posted in the last 12 months
    c. Entrant does not have any scores posted after June 30, 2016
    d. Entrant does not provided Handicap Committee with their Handicap Chairman contact information

    I have played in the last three World Am’s, but only have 10 rounds played between 9/1/15 – 8/15/16, 15 rounds if it’s 8/16/15 – 8/15/16. What, if any, would be my reduction in my handicap index knowing that my tournament index is higher than my lowest 12.

    Bob Whittington

    As best as I can remember it was only 0.5 reduction for any of the above
    you have listed.


    It is applicable to all players, that is a typo. Keep in mind reductions may only come off your current index and it may not actually affect you.

    David Rollins

    Thanks Bob & Scott. Scott am I understanding that if my current index is 14.0 and the reduction for under 20 rounds is .5, then that would be 13.5 current index, but my low 12 is 13.3. So I would be flighted with an index of 13.3 or would it even be reduced to 12.8? Thanks in advance for clarifying this.

    Not that any of this matters because you could give me 18 strokes and I still would net over par for the day. LOL


    Your low 12 of 13.3 cannot be reduced. Whichever of the two comes out lower. In that scenario, 13.3.

    Scott Porter

    So for the event this year a persons handicap will either be the lower of their 12 month index or their present handicap? I realize that a handicap is a representation of potential but is there no significant consideration of past scores or even present tournament scores taken into consideration. My 12 month index is 12.9 but like most people I am getting older and nothing works as good as it used to. My present index is 14.2 and has been in that area for a few months but this is on a course I have played a couple of times a week for years. Please do not take this as a complaint, the staff at the WA has a very difficult task putting this event together and doing everything they can to keep it fair and they do a fantastic job at it. To be honest, I would not want the job. Just making sure my understanding was correct.


    Scott – Understand it’s not a complaint. We do our best to be transparent.

    The key to remember is that all the numbers taken into consideration are only based on your posted scores in some way or another. They aren’t pulled out of thin air. I’d say there is significant consideration given your past scores (within 1 year which is as far back as we deem relevant). Your low 12 is based on your own past scores, your WA index is based on your scores here, your tournament scores at home are your past scores, so on so forth.

    And I might add, unfortunately none of us are getting younger!!

    Bob Newman

    BUT when you get into your 60’s every year seams like it take more !!!!!!!! LOL I did pick up .7 of an advantage as I thought my low index was 6.1 but the printout showed 6.8 so I am only giving up 4 shots now–I peaked the month after the WA last year.

    Daniel Rousseau

    Your low 12 of 13.3 cannot be reduced. Whichever of the two comes out lower. In that scenario, 13.3.except for non us resident we get reduce 5% maybe next year on the handicap form we could sent them the link of are last 12 mouth ,or print it for you to verify,anything to get rid of that 5%

    Daniel Rousseau

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    David Rollins

    This is why I posted this question. What 12 month period of rounds posted should I use on the Handicap verification form. 8/16/2015 – 8/15/2016 or 9/1/2015 – 8/15/2016.

    The form does not specify the dates only 12 months and this make a difference in the reduction of handicap between 2% or 4% in my case.

    My low 12 will not be affected and will end up being my tournament handicap but I do believe this affects a number of players and clarification now is better than a DQ or further reduction during the tournament.

    jim mcdaniel

    my handicap system only shows 10/15 index 11.5 but i know i looked last month and my 9/15 was 11.4 so that’s what i submitted. My tourn handicap is 11.5 and my index is 12.3…So long story short, playing to 11.4 with no reductions from there. That’s it, closed case.


    C’mon Jim, You are are used car salesman. I am sure you can get the price down to 10.5 if you twist a few arms


    We are looking between 9/1/15 and 8/15/16. This is stated on the form and on the video tutorials of how to find the information. GHIN automatically provides this info on their website so you don’t need to search. Only golfnet and ushandicap require a bit of looking around.

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