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    Mike Cheeseman

    Scott can you give us the WA position on music in the cart while playing. Personally I prefer no music.

    Charles Gray

    I think it was discussed at length last year and was deemed to be ok as long as youbwere not blasting your jams. This year with single rider carts there should be no issues other than volume levels. As in our daily lives, not everybody will be happy with it or without it. If kept to a dull roar I personally see no issue with it, also consider one of the early bird options was a Blue tooth GPS/Speaker setup.


    The short answer is if anyone in the group doesn’t want you playing it, don’t play it. Full answer:

    (4) Audio and Video.

    Listening to audio or watching video on matters unrelated to the competition being played (such as a news report or background music). But in doing so, consideration should be shown to others (see Rule 1.2).

    Not Allowed. Listening to music or other audio to eliminate distractions or to help with swing tempo, or Viewing video showing play of the player or other players during the competition that helps the player in choosing a club, making a stroke, or deciding how to play during the round.

    (RULE 1.2)
    All players are expected to play in the spirit of the game by:

    Acting with integrity – for example, by following the Rules, applying all penalties, and being honest in all aspects of play.

    Showing consideration to others (IE MUSIC)– for example, by playing at a prompt pace, looking out for the safety of others, and not distracting the play of another player.

    Taking good care of the course – for example, by replacing divots, smoothing bunkers, repairing ball-marks, and not causing unnecessary damage to the course.

    There is no penalty under the Rules for failing to act in this way, except that the Committee may disqualify a player for acting contrary to the spirit of the game if it finds that the player has committed serious misconduct. (This will be applicable for those taking the flag out purposefully)

    Penalties other than disqualification may be imposed for player misconduct only if those penalties are adopted as part of a Code of Conduct under Rule 1.2b.

    b. Code of Conduct
    The Committee may set its own standards of player conduct in a Code of Conduct adopted as a Local Rule.

    The Code may include penalties for breach of its standards, such as a one-stroke penalty or the general penalty.

    The Committee may also disqualify a player for serious misconduct in failing to meet the Code’s standards.

    jt foster

    I thank it should be ok as long as everybody in your group don’t mind !!!

    Bill McArdle

    Blue tooth would be ideal and eliminate any awkwardness of a fellow golfer saying it’s bothersome.

    Bob Newman

    But if you are listening to music to calm you or help eliminate outside distractions, you are violating the rules.

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