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    Frank Balsamo

    This will be my first year, and without causing a stir, I’ll follow along with however it goes. On my golf league, not all but some (including me) enjoy a little low volume music while playing, also a few beers during the round. I am here to try my best, but to also have a good time and make new friends. So I don’t need the music or beer during my round, but haven’t seen anything on this board about it. Could someone elaborate?

    flight 47

    Corey Gates

    Just play it and if someone asks, turn it down.

    Michael Barton

    Here is what the Rules Guy from Golf Magazine says:

    Are there any rules about players listening to music on the course? I have a friend who does this, and it’s driving me nuts.” — Larry Meathe, Solon, Ohio

    Not only is your friend annoying, he’s also in breach of the rules. Per Decision 14-3/17, a player has violated Rule 14-3— which pertains to artificial devices, unusual equipment or abnormal use of equipment—if he listens to music or a broadcast while making a stroke or for a prolonged period of time (as it might assist in his play). While driving from a putting green to the next tee? Permissible. Much longer than that? Penalties may loom—loss of hole in match play or two strokes in stroke play for the first breach; disqualification for the second. Your buddy may want to listen to the blues on the ride home.

    Bobby Thomas

    Last year this question came up and music was allowed as long as no one in the group had an issue. If 1 of the 3 had an issue it was a no go. I had music going all 4 rounds and there were no issues. Wasn’t blasting it, just a nice an easy volume that just helped pass the time. Didn’t assist in play whatsoever as you could tell from my scores…let’s all have fun.

    Mark Hancock

    Bobby is absolutely correct. Most players don’t have a problem with music as long as the volume is low, but if one of your foursome objects, then you should turn it off.

    As far a drinking beer, you won’t be alone, so have a few & have some fun.

    About three or four years ago, I played with two guys from New York in the final round and they were both in last place or near it and they got blasted. It was fun to watch and listen, but neither broke 100 that day.

    Chuck Nesbit

    Playing Music During Stroke
    Q.May I play music?

    A.Yes. However, you may not do so if the purpose is to eliminate distractions or help you with your swing. You should also show consideration to others (see Rule 4.3a(4) and Rule 1.2).

    Al Beard

    Sorry to be a party pooper. Music is for afterwards, not during….just my opinion. I would say no to my group.

    Terry Davis

    Let’s say one player does not want the music playing and then I’m nice enough to put a pair of bluetooth ear pods in. Will that be illegal or being rude since I won’t hear what the other players are saying….I’m not trying to be rude by asking this…:-)

    Bruce Friend

    I believe ear pods are against USGA rules and WAM rules. A few years back, a player in my flight was turned in after doing it for 3 rounds and was penalized (I think) 2 strokes per the first three rounds, being 6 strokes before the final round.

    The rules are a little hard to interpret but here is a good article. I would highly recommend if someone in your foursome objects, just unplug and enjoy the sound of nature and conversation with your fellow competitors during any tournament round.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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