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    Billy Burwick


    I am all signed up,1st timer here.
    Really excited to be playing in the tourney this year.

    Just hoping to have fun and not come in last in my group!!

    Rick Kimbrell

    Billy, welcome to the World Am. If you come and let yourself have fun…you will. And, you are going to read lots of negative crap here on the bulletin board. It happens every year. They never please everyone. This will be my 35th consecutive year. Hope to meet you at the Convention Center.

    Billy Burwick


    Thank you for the warm welcome.
    I will be there and I don’t care what anyone says I am excited to be a part of it for my 1st time.

    I would be happy to share a beverage with you Rick!!

    Tony Popp

    Howdy Billy,
    Rick is absolutely correct. Last year was my first year so you now get the same big welcome from two different experience levels. I did not play to my potential last year, but ya just gotta smile, laugh and watch for alligators and copperheads. Obviously, I was not always in the fairways!

    Billy Burwick

    Thanks Tony,

    Really looking forward to the whole experience.
    Tournament golf is hard so fully expect to have an experience similar to yours!

    Any suggestions on where to play on Sunday?
    Caledonia,The Love course at Barefoot, Pawley’s Plantation and Blackmoor seemed to be the options.

    Billy Burwick

    I will add that I am currently a 22 so If one of the courses is Considerably harder than the others I would skip that one the day before the WA.

    Brian Cote

    Hi Billy, This will be my second year… Also from MA.
    The only “hard” course for Sunday is Pawleys. I’m playing at Caledonia. I’ve heard it is rough shape, but to play it for $79 compared to the normal $140 is a deal I cannot pass up. Barefoot Love is a really nice course too. I’ve never played Blackmoor.

    Hope you have a great first year… My first year was very similar to Tony. played just above my HC for the first three days and they blew up on day four! It’s alot of golf. But I wouldn’t pass it up in a million years.

    Billy Burwick

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks I am looking forward too it.
    I am not expecting to place just not come in last. 🙂
    I am thinking The Love course for Sunday but I am going to sit on it for a min.

    James Carter

    Hi Billy and welcome to the world am. I’ve only missed this tournament 3 times since 2004. I’ve loved every minute of it, even when I’ve played like crap 👍🏾😊

    Not sure if you’ve decided on a Sunday course, but Blackmoor is a great course. It’s the only Gary Player design in MB. I think you would have a great time there. See you in August.

    Billy Burwick


    Thank you Really looking forward to it.
    I was leaning torwards Blackmoor or the Love course but then I was thinking I am going to grind for 4 days starting monday do I really want to add sunday in?

    I got time to make a decision.

    122 days to go!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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