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    The NFL starts in 2 weeks time right after the golf season finishes. I also run the greatest head to head NFL league in the world.

    It is a straight pickem. no spread. no confidence points. just pick the winner of each game.

    It is limited to 100 players with about 20 of them being participants of the wam. Currently at 95 players looking for another 5 interested people

    It is only $35 to play for a years with over 35 ways to win cash and prizes with myself giving hundreds of dollars away in the way prize packages.

    If anyone is interested in joining here are the details
    Yahoo pickem league 1269
    Password. Pickem
    Cost $35

    Just go ahead and join. If it is full and you want in send me a message and I will bump out one of the 20 unpaid players.

    If any of the current participants in my league read this message board can you please post something telling others how great this league is and what they are missing out on

    Wishing everyone safe travels to the beach hoping that you have a great memorable week ahead

    Harry_s_radley@yahoo.com. 317652606

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