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    James Carter

    Hi Scott and WAM staff. Looking forward to this year’s tournament. Had a question about the player count. Normally it shows at the bottom of the home page. Will you guys be showing the number this year? Always love seeing how many people are signed up. Thanks for all you do. See you in August.

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey James as of right now 04/01/2024 looks like 2089 have signed up

    Tom McCain

    Where did you see that number? It wasn’t on the bottom of their emails.

    Bruce Friend

    If you go to player search and just search with everything blank, it returns all participants and there is a total number at the bottom of the page showing total returned on the search. I don’t know if it is fully accurate but in theory it should be close.

    Bob Newman

    In a lot of years past, they usually get about 2000 in the early sign up to get in the drawing for prizes. Then before they go up on entry fee, they get the next the next 1000. Then the next 500 + before final.

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey Tom,
    Yes just like Bruce posted just click on Already Registered and then click on player search leave it all blank and click on the red Search box…As of right now it’s showing 2113 as of 04/03/2024

    Steven C.

    Damn, congrats to ALMGREN, S. – Player ID 171. Dude must have been coming to this from the start. Impressive.


    Yes some website update crashed our player count and it hasn’t been working since. Use the Player Search page for that info real-time.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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