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    I was informed that when playing Q school if your handindicap and flight did not change you would get 3 different courses from year to year that is the reason I come down just to play different courses. such a shame that one Of my rotation courses this year is the same as last year. Being that there is only 12 courses and 4 of them are new it wouldn’t be that hard to see that courses are not duplicated from year to year


    Harry – You were informed incorrectly. I guess that is a lesson to not look at our webpages before we make the announcement. For the record we don’t make that guarantee but rest assured you will not have any course you had last year, despite having 66% of the same courses in use.


    Lol thank you Scott for the quick reply I didn’t think you guys worked the Weekend. I was only joking. Regardless Of where I play don’t think I will Be very competitive as I am carrying several injuries I am only Attending to socialize and have fun with my buddies.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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