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    I’m unfamilar with these courses (i.e most Myrtle courses in general), although from what I read Heritage is really nice. Can anyone enlighten me? One a scale from 1-10 (1 being best). Heritage, Aberdeen (Meadows/Highlands), Pine Lakes, Glen Dornoch

    Bob Ayer

    Heritage Club is beautiful. It’s on the site of an old plantation and is always in great shape.

    Aberdeen used to be called Buck Creek. They changed the name a few years ago, I suspect so they could get repeat customers on golf trips who remember the old name.

    I haven’t played Pines Lakes, but I hear it’s very nice. There must be a reason it’s almost 100 years old.

    As a homeowner across the street, I play Glen Dornoch for free, so I’ve played it a lot. It has a great layout along the waterway, and it’s much tougher than it looks, even from the white tees. You won’t forget the last 4 holes.

    I’d rate the courses 8, 3, ? And 8, respectively. It’s a pretty good draw this year for the glight.

    Jay Seifert

    You can find summary of the courses on this site and then links to the course websites for more details but in my opinion you got one of the better line ups. Some refer to Heritage as the “poor mans” Caledonia so that gives you an idea that its a great value. Glenn Dornoch is one of my favorites but it can be a bit tough for those not familiar with the layout so plan on playing a practice round there if you can manage it. Pine Lakes is the “Grand Daddy” of Myrtle being one of the original courses but what makes it great is that they re-built a lot of it about 8 years ago and its a great course. I am not a fan of Aberdeen but others like it.

    Dale McMath

    Hi Chris. I think we played together two years ago at Possum Trot. I played Aberdeen on the friday after that years tournament. Was wet as all get out but seemed to be a good course. I think it was much better than Possum Trot by a long shot, but that’s just me.


    Thank you gentlemen. I know what the sites say (every course is “one of the best on the Grand Strand” or “In the Low Country”) but nothing beats asking people who have shleped around each themselves. I wish an ace for each of you this next week for taking the time to comment.


    I still can’t wrap my head around how a course competes for business in Myrtle Beach with a name like Possum Trot. Good luck to you next week Dale.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Possum Trot is one of the oldest golf courses in Myrtle Beach area. A lot of locals play there. It usually in pretty decent shape and if the rough is grown up…watch out. It can eat golf balls.


    I thought the course was decent enough when I had it in 2015, but jeez the name, it certainly doesn’t make you think “awesome, let’s play there”.

    Bob Whittington

    I played POSSUM TROT several years ago. I could not wait to play it,
    but saw no possums trotting on the course. Maybe you will!!

    Alex Grebel

    I’m on your courses Inn Flight 13.

    It’s been a while now since they changed the name to Aberdeen because I played it in 2008 in my final round. I think we were out there for nearly six hours on a hot humid day. I nearly wilted. It’s the only one of the four I’ve played.

    I have heard the same thing about Glen Dornach – a practice round is needed. So I’m headed there on Friday!

    Good luck!

    Dale McMath

    I agree, the name Possum Trot does not inspire. Looking forward to seeing all my old friends and meeting new friends as well. Should be a great week! Hopefully something resembling a game comes with me.

    david tiano

    I have been in town since Saturday and we have had spotty showers every day. I have tried to play Crown Park since Sunday but the pro said the course is “under water”

    Aberdeen is down the road and I heard it does not drain well like crown park. So Aberdeen will probably be wet for a while.


    Luckily I’m a mudder. All of South Jersey has been wet for……. well….. about the last 4 years (I’m not kidding). I’m thinking climate change is real and is evidencing itself in different ways depending where your at. Now all my pre-used balls are simply marked with mud stains, does that count as a unique mark for tournment play I’m wondering?


    No practice rounds for me, I’m showing up as God intended, as a virgin.

    Aaron Ellis

    Aberdeen is a great course but it is true that it holds water, Glen Dornoch is a beautiful track, will make you use a lot of clubs in your bag, hopefully the greens are in good shape, played back there in Feb and the greens were garbage during the winter! Pine Lakes and Heritage are excellent courses, that’s a really good 4 course rotation! As far as Crown Park there will be a few holes that hold water, some will drain well, but one thing I will say about Crown Park, the course doesn’t seem to let air flow through it, so expect a potentially muggy day!

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