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    Charles Romero

    I took this off the Email I just received.

    August 29th – September 1st
    Tournament Rounds 1 – 4

    50+ Host Courses throughout the Golf Capital of the World

    8:30AM Shotgun starts each day

    6:00 – 9:00 PM nightly 19th Hole • Myrtle Beach Convention Center

    We are not going to use Tee times this year?

    Walter White

    That is correct, shotgun starts.
    It is listed in the 2022 schedule of events also.


    Wow.. Good luck finding a spot in the driving range or on the putting green!!

    Ken Delaney

    I really think shotgun is best (IMHO) for reasons that exceed tee time justification. Carpooling is a big one and everyone getting done about the same time.

    Last year we had to be there 2 hours before one guy in our group teed off because another golfer in our group was first off the tee (7:45 & 9:20). And to boot, one day was at Carolina National. Sure, if you’re playing/riding alone and you tee off at 7:45, then you could potentially be done by 12-12:30. This is great for you..

    I was also glad to see 8:30 instead of 8am. The 30 mins will help indeed. And in case you haven’t noticed the furthest drives to a course from central MB are about 45 mins. Not exactly close, but better than 60 mins or more. Heck, one year I had to go to Wedgefield in Georgetown. Almost 70 mins from River Oaks where I was staying.

    Chandler Wells

    I agree with Ken…Shotgun starts even if 5+ hours, are better for everyone in the long run. I just hope they don’t have an A & B on par 5’s, and do it the hole directly after if a par 4.

    This also means there will be 40-50 players per flight again…

    Dale McMath

    I like the shotgun starts as well. Rideshare is a big thing. Remember school will be in session so plan accordingly. I’ve seen many a speed trap set up for the school zones that has caught World Am players running late for the golf course.


    Honestly the main reason I liked Tee times was due to being able to actually have time on the range + chipping/putting greens.

    My 1st year prior to Covid was Shotgun.
    The atmosphere was high energy. Everyday it was very difficult to get a spot. Seeing some people on the range before I even arrived and still on the range after. With no consideration to others with a line of people waiting for an open spot. Putting/Chipping green + Refreshment shop was packed.

    My 2nd year and since was Tee Time’s.
    It was night and day. With an entire atmosphere change. Over all less stressful, Always a spot on the range, putting /chipping greens with space to actually putt , and a busy but not packed refreshment shop.

    I personally get to the course an hour early. Hit about 20-25 balls (MAX) on the range and spend about 10-15 minute putting /chipping to warm up.

    As any seasoned golfs knows…What happens on the range does always equal what happens on the course.

    So hitting 30-40 balls on the range to warm up is a bit excessive and with shotguns start will not allow everyone the opportunity to warm up.

    Just by quick soap box speech


    Is there a consensus on the average round time for these shotgun starts? I’ve heard everything from 5 – 7 hours!!!

    david tiano

    NEVER have a heard of a 7 hour round unless a rain delay. Also slow pay happens in shotgun and tee times and if you have a slow group start early tee time it backs up everyone. Just plan for a slow day and you will be fine.

    Chandler Wells

    You should plan on 4 1/2-5 1/2 hour rounds…Just relax and enjoy the week. Everyone starts and finishes for the most part at the same time.

    Tony Robison

    As long as the course doesn’t run out of beer, I don’t care how long the round is 😂

    Ken Delaney

    I think 5-1/2 is what anyone should expect. If it’s shorter, great. If it runs to 6 then you’re not that far from what you were thinking.

    As long as the weather is favorable, the beer is cold and there are no “Robert the Rule Masters”, all will be fine.


    How many golfers will play per course? One of the other threads talked about the line at the putting green and range.

    Scott Porter

    There will be two flights at each golf course. Depending on the number of people per flight, 90 to 100 people on the course. With that many people at the course at the same time it makes getting any warm up time difficult. Best advice get there early if you have to warm up.

    Rick Kimbrell

    I have had a 7 hour round once in the WA. This was back when we had only 1 flight on the course and the flight was 104 players. It was the very first day of the tournament, no rain delay, just course was stacked up and everyone was taking it serious since it was the first day. Also, the course wasn’t real forgiving of errant shots. But, yes, a 7 hour round.

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