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    Donnie Penney

    I would be glad to run a skins game for Flights 18 & 19. The only issue is I have an early tee time on Monday(7:54). So I would need someone to help collect on Monday. If someone with a later tee time could help collect from those that want to participate, let me know and we can move forward.

    (Stole this from Scott who ran ours last year)
    To make it easy on everyone, especially me, it would be great if everyone who intends to participate in the skins game can pay in full on Monday. This also helps in those rarest of occasions when the pot roles over from the previous day, if you did not participate on the prior day you cannot join on that day. Skins buy-in will be $20, $20, $20 & $40 for a total of $100. For ease of scoring, I will combine both flights into one pot; this should make for nice payouts. Please bring $20’s if you can.

    Typical skins rules:
    • Birdies or better on a hole to win a skin.
    • Two birdies on a hole cuts the hole.
    • Should there be a day that all skins are cut the pot will roll over to the next day.
    • On the last day if all skins are cut, I will put all participants’ names in a hat and draw 5 winners to split the pot equally.
    Any birdies turned in for scoring should be done as follows:
    • Text me a picture of your official scorecard with all signatures. State in the text your name and hole number birdie was scored on.
    • All text for birdies to be scored need to be received by me no later than 6:00pm the day of the round Any text after 6:00pm will not be scored, this gives me time to score and notify winners in a reasonable time.
    • All winners will be notified by text that night of their winnings and their money will be available for pick up the next morning.
    • I will make sure to be at the course at least 30 minutes before the first tee time so everyone can get their money.
    • On the last day I will stay at the course until play is over and make payouts at the course.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
    My Information:
    Donnie Penney
    Cell – 254-722-9211 (This is the number to use for texting score card.)

    Let me know if you plan to participate and I can start a list.

    Donnie Penney

    For those that want to participate and pay early, I can accept Venmo or CashApp. I can accept those payments thru Sunday. I will only take cash on Monday. I will bring the cash for those that pay via Venmo or Cashapp.

    Contact Info:
    Donnie Penney
    Cell – 254-722-9211

    Bruce Friend

    I have a 9:15 time. I would prefer not have the responsibility but if no one else steps up, I will. I know Scott pretty well and if you need him to vouch for me, he will. My number is 404-432-4155 and we can touch base on Sunday if no one else wants to help. Safe travels and we can talk later.

    Donnie Penney

    Sounds good Bruce. I will let you know on Sunday.

    Thank you,
    Donnie Penney

    Bruce Friend

    Just a clarification. I’m talking Scott Porter from our flights in the past, not Scott T. of WAM if you want Scott P. to vouch for me.

    I’ve already prepared slips with your rules (Scott’s rules) with your number to hand out and a listing of both flights to track who pays so I’m ready. If you want this file, just respond back and I can email it to you.

    Chandler Wells

    Mike Ramsey in Flight 18 looking to join…Here is his info…
    Tees off at 8:57 Monday

    Daniek Robertson

    Daniel Robertson looking to get in.
    Contact info

    Bruce Friend

    Seek Donnie or me out around the carts or practice green. Donnie has a 7:57 tee time and I have a 9:15. I will have a bright pink shirt on and it will be hard to miss me. I will be shutting down sign ups around 9:05.

    Donnie Penney

    If there is a back patio on the Club House, I will be there until 7:30 or until Bruce Friend arrives to start collecting money.

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