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    James Carter

    Scott or any WAM staff, can you guys help out with these app questions? It was nice to be able to see our foursomes and the holes we start on. Thanks for all your hard work.


    Please remember that the app does not go live until the week of the Tournament. So just a few more days. 🙂

    James Carter

    Thanks William. I know the last couple of years it was live before I left for the beach. Didn’t know if something had changed for this year.


    You can get into the app but the rounds /etc have not populated(atleast for me).

    user name is wa-then enter you email
    PW-well you password. 🙂

    Jim Paxton

    I am still having difficulties logging in to the app.
    I have used both my player id – wa-#####, and wa=email address.
    Neither works….


    I think people are having random issues. But the wa-my e-mail + PW worked for me.

    Try resetting you PW. This way you can verify the email u used and cancel out if you have the right PW or not.

    Ricky Lawson

    Guess you have to be special to use the app.

    Ricky Lawson

    User ID+PW says “Login Does not Exist”, E-mail + PW “Invalid User Credentials” even though I can go the website “Update Profile” and login just fine with email + PW…..and that is after I have changed my PW.

    Mike Sigmon

    Most of the time the App does not go live till like Sunday or maybe even Monday morning after we tee off. Well that’s been past experience with mine anyway !!

    James Carter

    Just an FYI, I received the following response from the World Am staff today:


    The app is not yet live for the tournament. Try again later this weekend and reach back out if you are still unable to login at that point.

    Thank you,

    2022 Myrtle Beach World Amateur Aug. 29 – Sept. 2 | New England dot Golf
    Customer Service
    Myrtle Beach World Amateur
    phone: 800-833-8798


    I just check my app and it is showingcourses and starting hole.

    Geoff Koren

    Does anyone know how to change your password on the App?

    Chandler Wells

    Ok…Hope this helps!
    On the webpage, go to the app and on the login page it will show you your password if you click the eyeball. The website uses your email, the app requires your user name to be “wa-your email address” not your ID, and then enter the password from the webpage app. I just did it and it worked.

    Chandler Wells


    wa-(your email)

    Password is your World Am site Password, not app. It should be an 8 digit #.


    Ok Chandler. This is helpful but I have 1 more question. The wa part; is there a hyphen after the wa or is it just wa then the email?

    Do I enter wajherndon@morbern.com or
    I also don’t have an 8 digit number. I always log in with a password I created. Any more advice? Thanks for the help!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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