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    Raymond Lemoine

    How is the WorldAm index calculated? My index is 3 full points below anything I played at in the past 5 years or so, and this year my hdcp is 16.5 a full 4 points above my Index. It can’t be by my scores last year as I shot two mid-90’s but did shoot an 80 which was my best score in the WA in 15 years.

    Bill McArdle

    You finished 15th last year with a couple rounds under net par.
    2018 you finished 2T
    2017 you finished 3rd
    2016 you finished 3T

    World am picks up on that and your probably playing at there index



    A player’s World Am index is calculated based on your scores from just the previous year. The two lowest differentials are averaged together to create your World Am index. Your two lowest differentials last year were on the 80 and 87 you shot last year where you played 10.3 and 14.8. Using those two differentials your World Am index is 12.5. I hope this is helpful and if you have any additional questions please feel free to give us a call.


    Ray ….. You may also be subject to performance penalty points as well as outlined in the Handicap rules.

    If the above information is correct and you would have accumulated 10 points and be subject to a reduction of 2 additional strokes

    1st – 6 points
    2nd – 4 points
    3rd – 3 points
    4th – 2 points
    5th – 1 point

    7 points – 1 stroke
    9 points – 2 strokes
    11 points – 3 strokes

    EG> Several years ago I ran 4th in my flight in back to back years and each year the three ahead of me were DQ’d for unknown reasons bumping me up to 1st place in consecutive years. As a result of this I accumulated 12 Placement Points thus giving me a 3 stroke reduction the following year in addition to my best to rounds from the previous year which ended up being a 6 stroke reduction dropping me from a 6.9 to a 0.9

    Has taken me 8 years to get back to a Hcp that I can manage with out being embarrassed

    Bill McArdle

    That’s rough Harry. Don’t think those things are enforced anymore.


    Dont know if they are enforced but it is still in the Handicap Rules on the home page under Handicap Information – Your Index – (3) click on see details

    Bill McArdle

    Yeah but you have to finish in top five in the previous two years as what happened to you. I think Ray was treated fairly. That round of 80 did him in.id like to have a round like that. Good luck to you guys


    lol Harry I think your sob story of winning your flight back to back is getting taller by the year. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet people!

    For the innocent readers of these comments. Harry turned in a 4.1 and we had him at a .9.

    Only two people were removed from the event each time. Either way there’s no pictures on the leaderboard, he won the flight!

    In 2012 you submitted a 10 but we placed you at a 7 based on history and you played like a 10,8,7,6. If we didn’t have a World Am index you’d have been DQ’ed in 2012 faster than Kevin Na picking up his putts. I think a thank you for these adjustments is in order.



    Yes Scott a big thank you is in order for yo do. That incident by the way happened about 8 years ago and my brain is getting a little foggy as I get long in the tooth then again I’ve good had all my teeth removed I guess I don’t have any memory at all. The bottom line is over 3000 players complete here and try and win a prize. I have been very very fortunate enough to get there twice I have nothing but upmost respect for the World Am as I hope that everybody in the field can enjoy what fun I have had that has been given to me by you guys and your staff. Thank you very much

    benny shepard

    Harry my heart bleeds for you. People line you are the reason the handicap system at the WorldSm is like it is


    Benny you say people like me ??? who the heck are you to cast questions on my character. You do not even know me you do not know anything about what I do in relation to the world am and yet you thtow out these allegations and open ended statements. Very funny from a person when looking at your previous scores, one year started out with nett scores of 63 & 66 concluding with a nett 67. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black you would be the blackest of them all

    Raymond Lemoine

    OK, now I understand why, no problem. The 80 i shot last year was at the international and I considered that course the toughest I played last year so I was extremely happy with the way I played that day, I even won a skin that day which has been very rare the past 8-10 years. Good luck to everyone this year. I hope everyone stays safe.

    Mike Cheeseman

    Harry does runs 35 pertain to Callaway’s rule 35


    Mike that it kind of correct. All of my equipment is Callaway,heck I even have a Callaway watch. Server all years ago I had a Rule 35 bag and like to use Rule 35 golf balls. In addition to this I was given the nickname due to the fact that although I wasn’t a Rule Nazi I knew the rule book inside out backwards and verbatim. Thus nickname has stuck since. Unfortunately with the new rule changes I am not so much up on the rules as of recent and being only 25 rules now I’ve had to change tact some what.. Now I’ve adopted the meaning behind Rule 35 is as follows.

    Rule 34 is internet slang that states that, as a rule every conceivable topic can be turned into animated internet pornography.

    I tell people that I am better than Rule 34, I’m not animated.

    Mike Cheeseman


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