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jt foster

I have ran the skins game in my 2 Flights for 16 years and the way I Do it is I put name and Phone Numbers for every Birdie and Eagles for the day is wrote down till everybody is in on the last Day. I ran flights 14– 15 last year had a great turnout!!!! Gave away over $5000 for the week $3200 on the last day too 2 people. $1600 each !!!!! I haven’t won one in 3 years doing the Skins just like doing it . that lets me meet all that is playing in the 2 flights I will have all The paper work ready for this year’s skins in whatever flight i’m in should be in the same flights as last year !!!!
See y’all soon

14-15 JT Foster if thats the flight i’m in !!!

Reply what fight you were in last year!!!

we will figure it out when flights come out .

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